Donald Trump and Pat Toomey graduated from Ivy League universities, and both of their schools (or at least the physical and biological science departments) must be embarrassed that these guys are alumni.

All of us, no matter our major course of study, were required to take and pass courses in basic sciences, but apparently scientific understanding never “took” with these two. Otherwise how could one nominate and the other approve for Interior Secretary an oil and gas attorney and lobbyist who advocates drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the east and west coasts and the Gulf of Mexico?

Will an oil rig be visible friom Mar-a-Lago? I doubt it. Will the Allegheny National Forest suffer? Almost certainly.

Even if Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt agrees with Trump and Toomey that drilling technology is suddenly foolproof from disastrous spills, does he also agree that producing more oil and gas is a good idea from the standpoint of scientifically-proven climate change?

I can handle conservatism but have a problem with obvious stupidity.

— Sherry Adams, DuBois

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