BROCKPORT — After a two-month closure due to COVID-19, Brockway Golf Course has bounced back with a busier than usual spring and early summer season.

After opening its doors on May 1, the course has seen a steady stream of golfers.

“We were really busy when they first opened up the golf course and we’ve been busy ever since,” course Superintendent Mark Becker said.

He noted that the restrictions over the first few weeks, until the region moved into the green phase on May 29, made business a bit more difficult.

The biggest challenge for the course was each golfer was required to take his or her own cart, as that limited the number of golfers that could be playing at any given time.

Becker added that during the yellow phase of the reopening plan there were a handful of other restrictions and they had to adhere to a strict cleaning policy, especially on the golf carts.

“It was tough then, but we did a lot of business because people just wanted to get out and do something,” Becker said.

He said that even since the move to green about a month ago they have continued to diligently wipe down each and every cart when golfers finish their rounds.

“We don’t have many restrictions now, but we’re still wiping the carts down when they come in, but not much more than that,” Becker said.

He also noted that food sales in the restaurant/bar area, which was completed in 2017, have been heightened so far this year after they were able to start back up in the green phase.

“It has been much busier than it was last year or the year before and I think that is because of the weather and people just want to get out and a lot of people are off work,” Becker said.

The superintendent added that he feels business may go down a bit whenever people do go back to work.

One of the biggest impacts of the two-month closure on the nine-hole course was the cancellation of several tournaments.

Becker, who has worked at the course since 1978 and became the superintendent in 1993, said a couple of those tournaments, including one that had been scheduled for last week, were cancelled months in advance.

“A lot of the tournaments have been cancelled, but we are getting some coming back now,” Becker said. “People are calling and saying ‘hey can we do this’ and I don’t know as far as social distancing and all those things how it’s going to work out, but we’ve scheduled one in July, two or three in August and one in September.”

“Hopefully we will continue to get those tournaments back because those are big money makers.”

Brockway Golf Course got a bit of a facelift in recent years after it changed ownership in 2017 and was purchased by the Varischetti Family.

Along with the addition of a restaurant/bar area and outdoor seating on the clubhouse deck, the aesthetics of the golf course have been on the rise in recent years.

Becker said the course has kept its regular hours and rates.

Anyone interested in inquiring about daily rates or booking a tee-time before heading to the course can call 814-268-4325.

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