BROCKWAY — The month of April had the Brockway Borough Police Department dealing with harassment, serving warrants, investigating suspicious persons, and processing various traffic offenses. However, an incident at Creekside Auto requires the public’s help.

An unknown actor used a BB gun to shoot several vehicles. The vehicles suffered cracks to the windshields. Police checked surveillance video nearby, but they ask that anyone with information contact the police department.


During the week of April 7, a resident on Penn Avenue called for a burglary in progress. When officers arrived, a male was found on the front porch. The person was charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct and placed in the Jefferson County Jail. A week later, officers also assisted the Pennsylvania State Police with a call on Grandville Road.

Suspicious activity

The police were called several times during April for suspicious activity in the borough.

Early in the month, officers responded to a call that a suspicious male sat on Park Street watching children playing in the area. The caller spoke with the male and got a license plate number as the male quickly left the area.

A man lying on the tracks near the Main Street railroad crossing turned out to be intoxicated and needed help for injuries sustained in a fall. He was given a public drunkenness citation.

A resident called the police to North Street. The resident found suspicious footprints in the mulch around his house. He has seen a strange man in a Subaru in the area. Police advised that the resident call again should the man return.

A woman talking to herself and walking around the fire hall prompted police to check on her well-being. She seemed to be okay.

In the middle of the month, a resident called because someone turned the locked doorknob of the residence.

Domestic disturbances, harassment

Officers had to break up a verbal disturbance on Alexander Street. The female left the residence. Later, a man reported his wife pulling his hair while they drove on 7th Avenue. The female is leaving that situation, and no further action is required.

A woman has been receiving vulgar text messages and contacted the police. The investigation is ongoing as the source of the messages has not yet been identified.

The police returned to Taylor Memorial Park to investigate an incident of harassment. The complainant decided to have the Little League take care of the matter and will not pursue charges.

A woman’s ex-husband has been calling and texting her even though he has been told not to. He has also been walking around her building. The police told the man that if he does not stop, charges will be filed.

Someone reported fighting behind Sheetz, but officers were unable to find any fighters. Eventually, one juvenile was found in the area and told the police that kids were just messing around, not fighting.

Traffic issues

In addition to issuing traffic citations, the borough police had to deal with several vehicle-related issues.

State Police had Brockway assist with a reckless driver heading toward the borough. The driver was found to be driving on a suspended license.

A man was reported for parking in a handicapped parking spot without having any placard. The man was found and the vehicle removed. Another parking problem happened on Penn Avenue. A resident parked in front of a neighbors’ driveway, both obstructing the driveway and making it difficult for traffic to move around the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle was told to move his car.

Brockwayville Depot had a hit-and-run accident. A parked car was struck, but the other vehicle was not found.

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