Details for PUBLIC NOTICE Pursuant to the “Surface Mining Conservation and Reclamation



Pursuant to the “Surface Mining Conservation and Reclamation Act” and the “Clean Streams Law”, notice is hereby given that P & N Coal Company, Inc., 680 Old Route 119 North, Indiana, PA 15701 has made application to the PA Department of Environmental Protection for Stage II bond release on Surface Mine Permit #33150103 which was issued on 11/17/2016. There are no post-mining pollutional discharges.

The 109.6-acre Walker Operation is located on the west side of T-610 (Sprague Road) with the center of the permit being approximately 4,300 feet north of the Village of Soldier, 7,600 feet south of the village of Rathmel, and 7,100 feet southeast of the village of Prescottville on the properties of Benjamin I. & Rhoda J. Walker, Newell E. & Marcia D. Sprague and Daniel Alan Walker et ux as shown on the DuBois 7.5 minute USGS topographic map.

Stage II Bond Release is being requested for 8.5 acres in the amount of $15,720. The amount of bond currently held on this permit is $24,920. The release area has been backfilled and regraded to approximate original contour, had topsoil redistributed, was seeded with a mixture of grasses, and has drainage controls in place in accordance with the approved reclamation plan.

Written comments, objections or a request for a public hearing or informal conference concerning this bond releases may be submitted to the PA Department of Environmental Protection, Knox District Mining Office, White Memorial Building, P.O. Box 669, Knox, PA 16232, within thirty (30) days from the date of the final (4th) publication of this notice and must include the person’s name, address, telephone number and a brief statement as to the nature of the objection(s).

7/8/21, 7/15/21, 7/22/21 & 7/29/2021