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With the start of a new year, many people are focused on improving their health. Yet fitting in time for health and well-being can be tough. To make it easier, Bucks and Montgomery County Health Care Consortium partners with Health Advocate to offer a wellness program and other resources to help employees and their families. Through your wellness program, you have access to a variety of programs and services to help you get and stay healthy.

Understand your health

Each year, schools throughout the consortium offer health screenings with Health Advocate free of charge to provide employees with valuable information about current health status. This also provides an opportunity to understand any potential risks for chronic conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and more. By learning your numbers, you can take steps to avoid health problems in the future and have a starting point to establish health and wellness goals.

At the screenings, which typically take about 15 minutes, trained medical professionals from Health Advocate will measure your body composition, cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure. You’ll get the results immediately so you can take action to improve your health, such as scheduling an appointment with your doctor or talking with a wellness coach about nutrition and exercise.

Further, Bucks and Montgomery County Health Care Consortium offers extra points toward your wellness incentives if you complete an onsite health screening with Health Advocate at your location. It’s easy to schedule through your Health Advocate member website or app. Health screenings are a window into your health and can help kick start your wellness journey.

Take action

Once you have a baseline understanding of your health, Health Advocate offers a number of ways for you to improve or maintain your health.

Your Wellness Program offers one-on-one guidance to help you reach a variety of health goals, such as losing weight, eating better, improving blood pressure or cholesterol or stopping smoking. The program provides you unlimited access to a personal wellness coach for ongoing motivation by phone, email or secure web message. Your coach can help you establish a game plan and check in with you to help you stay on track.

Additionally, you also have access to online health tools, available through the web or mobile device, 24/7. Through the website and app, you can sync your fitness devices to track your progress, participate in wellness challenges and competitions, find tips and helpful information and earn additional incentives.

For example, if your doctor has recently diagnosed you with high blood pressure following a workplace health screening, your wellness coach can work with you to develop an action plan to improve your eating and increase your exercise. He or she will check in with you as often as you think is helpful. You can simultaneously participate in an online workshop to learn more about how to prevent heart disease. These expert resources are available to you through your Wellness Program to help you meet your health goals.

Navigating Healthcare and Benefits Issues

Additionally, if you have questions related to your health or need help with your benefits, a Personal Health Advocate can work with you to resolve a number of issues, including:

• Finding the right in-network doctors and hospitals

• Scheduling appointments

• Coordinating expert second opinions

• Resolving insurance claims and billing issues

• Finding treatment for complex and serious diagnoses

• Transferring medical records, X-rays and lab results

• Researching the latest approaches to care

• Coordinating services during and after a hospital stay

• And many more!

A Personal Health Advocate, typically a registered nurse or benefits specialist, works on your behalf to handle these issues and more, letting you remain focused on work and family.

All of these services are available to you and your family at no cost as part of your Bucks and Montgomery County Health Care Consortium benefits.

The team at Health Advocate is dedicated to supporting its Bucks and Montgomery County Health Care Consortium members to make it easier to reach your health and well-being goals. Visit or call (866) 695-8622 for more info.

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