Anytime, Lunchtime

Adam and Vili Azzato are pictured inside of their food truck “Anytime, Lunchtime” at the Elk County Fair last year.

ST MARYS — The “Anytime, Lunchtime” Elk County food truck has seen a surge in support during COVID-19, something for which owners Vili and Adam Azzato say they are grateful.

The Azzatos, a couple with an extensive culinary and hospitality background, brought their food-truck dream to the area last year.

“We have been pretty busy, and seeing lots of new faces,” Vili Azzato said. “The only downside for us is losing our private events and fairs, which puts us behind. But, we all struggle in some way.”

The Azzatos had a donation jar set out for some time, donating funds collected to businesses in the area, she said. They plan on supporting at least three more businesses once they are able to reopen.

“We will be buying gift cards or certificates from them, and giving them away to our customers, so we can bring some business back to the ones that haven’t been able to operate during the hard time,” she said.

The food truck menu is primarily sandwiches and chicken wings right now, Azzato said, and the menu will change again in June.

People have been very supportive of the business, Azzato said, visiting more often, leaving bigger tips or even donating hand sanitizer.

“We can offer it to our customers, too, so they feel more comfortable and safe,” she said.

The Azzatos have heard lots of “thank yous” from customers, too, she adds.

“The kind words are what made us feel like we are doing the right thing by being open and serving our customers,” she said. “We have been feeling so much care and kindness from the community, and believe that lots of wonderful things are coming next for all of us. We just have seen the good coming out of everybody’s hearts.”

Anytime, Lunchtime is open from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and locations include:

  • Monday and Wednesday: Burke’s Ace Home Center, 1077 Million Dollar Hwy., St. Marys
  • Tuesday: Densaro Body Shop, 1030 Center St., Ridgway
  • Thursday: Chicken Hill Distillery, 277 Fairview Road, Kersey
  • Friday: St. Marys Equipment, 1300 Brusselles St., St. Marys.

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