Banners being placed

Jake Rindosh slides a banner on its mount while Steve Pinge assists.

BROCKWAY — The COVID-19 pandemic and technical difficulties did not stop Brockway for putting up its 351 veteran banners.

Dee Dee Carlini, president of Brockway’s American Legion Auxiliary, oversaw Steve Pinge, Dan Shaffer, and Jake Rindosh as they put up the first banner on Brockway’s list.

Carlini said that the banners will appear all around Brockway.

“We will go from DuBois Road to Rattlesnake Road, from SER to Plant 2, and all along Main Street in Brockway,” she said.

The banners will be up through Veterans’ Day and then be stored at Post 95 on the shelves that Lowe’s donated to the cause. When taken down, they have to be washed with soap and warm water and then left to dry before storage.

Carlini hopes the banners will last for many years.

“We don’t really know what the lifespan of a banner will be,” Carlini said. “If they deteriorate, probably, people will have to repurchase.

Carlini said that the banner orders are complete for now, but there is always next year.

“We’re done taking orders for this year, but I already have 12 reservations for next year,” Carlini said. “We’ll be taking new orders starting in January for next year. We will take anybody who wants to honor their active military or veteran. The sky’s the limit!”

Carlini’s crew used a scissor lift loaned by Peter Varischetti and SER. The first banner went up in front of SER’s building along Route 219. Brockway TV will help out as well, but its truck is in the shop until June 1. In the meantime, Carlini hopes that others in the area will join SER and assist in getting the banners up around Brockway.

“We were a little limited by equipment,” Carlini said. “SER said they’re looking into volunteers to use another vehicle, but I’m hoping that someone out there would be willing to volunteer their time and a bucket truck to help us out!”

The first day’s work got 20 banners up on Windstream poles around Brockway, especially near the VFW building. Carlini is still waiting for other utility companies to give permission to put the banners on their poles.

Anyone interested in helping can call Carlini at 590-2133.

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