BROOKVILLE — The Rebecca M. Arthurs Library in Brookville is hosting live story hours every day at 1 p.m. on Facebook to help entertain children for a bit each day.

Jessica Weible began hosting the story time shortly after schools were closed in a private Facebook she started called Stuck at Home (With Kids). Librarian Janine Strohm was a member of the group, and asked if Weible would be interested in streaming from the library’s Facebook page.

“It was just something I set up for my friends and family so that we could inspire each other with support and ideas to make the best of things. I started posting some scholastic activities and others would post links, online resources, and DIY kids activities,” Weible said.

A friend of hers posted an offer on her page to read books to her friend’s children, and Weible liked the idea. She said it was nice for children to see a familiar face, and for parents to have a small break during the day.

Weible said she asked her two boys if they wanted to do digital story time, and they were excited about it. She started going live in the Facebook group daily at 1 p.m. with a book for children about pre-k through second grade, then spending some time on a chapter book for older children. She has been reading “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” lately.

“My boys loved doing it and it gave us a fun way to interact live with our friends and family,” Weible said.

Weible directed the members of the private group to the library’s page, and has been reading everyday since. She had already been doing some volunteer work with the library, so she thought it was a great idea.

While Weible is not a trained reading specialist, she does know how to keep her own children engaged, and incorporates that into story time. She encourages the viewers to draw pictures and post them, or find a stuffed animal that might go with the book. She also asks a lot of questions along the way to make it more interactive.

She continues to ask her children if they want to do Digital Story Time, and so far they always tell her “yes.” Her oldest child’s favorite part is to see comments from those watching along with them.

“I’m not an expert or anything, and I do have real, live kids at home with me, so there are some ‘parenting moments’ that might look familiar to a lot of other parents who are watching, where I have to redirect my kids back to the story or settle down sudden emotional outbursts,” Weible said.

Digital Story Time will continue on the Rebecca M. Arthur’s Facebook page as long as everyone is still enjoying it, Weible said.

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