DuBOIS — Though school is not in session as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, a large number of students in the DuBois Area School District are still receiving a nutritious breakfast and lunch thanks to the food service department.

On March 17, the district implemented a Monday through Friday “grab-and-go” meal program for their students and served 270 individuals within the first 30 minutes, said Superintendent Wendy Benton. A total of 337 meals were served on that first day.

“The needs in our community are growing at a rapid rate,” she said.

The total meals for each of the following days are as follows: March 18, 418; March 19, 498; March 20, 1,066; March 23, 500; March 24, 500; and March 25, 599.

In addition, the district prepared bags of food for this past weekend and distributed more than 100, said Benton.

The district is continuing to provide the free breakfast and lunch program throughout the school closure.

“The needs in our community are great but the strength of our team is greater,” said Benton. “We have been blessed with an abundance of support from our school community as well as our DASD family. I commend and appreciate Food Service Director Tom Koscienski, our food service department and all of the volunteers for their dedication and commitment to nourishing the children in our community. It is our hope that by providing a healthy breakfast/lunch, the nourishment will help to keep the children in our community healthy and provide a sense of reassurance that although our schools are closed, our hearts are open.”

The district provides the meals through a drive-through at the DuBois Area High School and at C.G. Johnson Elementary in Reynoldsville. Breakfast and lunch items are served in one bag and are available for pick up between 11 a.m.-1 p.m. on weekdays. For those who are in need of food and are unable to come to the schools, there are volunteers in the community who are willing to bring food to a location near them. Anyone in need of the service is asked to contact the district office at 814-371-2700.

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