DuBois Area School District

DuBOIS — An online learning platform for students in the DuBois Area School District is expected to be launched the week of March 30, according to Superintendent Wendy Benton.

At Thursday’s board meeting, Benton said the district should have the necessary equipment by that time.

“Once we get started, we will work to develop a revised school calendar,” said Benton. “My recommendation, in an attempt to make up the instructional days that we owe to our students would be to offer our online learning platform six days a week (Monday-Saturday) as opposed to the traditional five days a week.”

Benton said she understands this is not the way the district has always operated.

“However, regardless of the pandemic, our students deserve 180 days of instruction,” she said. “And if it could ever be possible to have a graduation ceremony, we want to do everything that we can to ensure that all graduates have an opportunity to participate.”

Benton noted that several of the district’s 2020 graduates plan to serve in the military and others have already committed to early entry admissions to college. These students will only be available to participate at the beginning of June.

“At a time when our kids have lost so much, instead of attending school possibly up until June 30, let’s try to give our students a sense of hope that they can have a normal summer vacation,” said Benton. “If we choose to make up some of our lost days on Saturdays, I’m confident we can complete 180 instructional days by the end of the first week of June.”

“I am most grateful for the support of our instructional technology coaches, administration, staff, community and our school board as we prepare to launch our plan to provide continuity of education through an online learning platform,” she said. “To achieve an optimal level of success, we need full support and cooperation from our students, parents, guardians, professional staff, administration and school board. Together, we can continue to educate our students.”

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