Educator of the Year award

Dr. Kyle Diller, one of the two resident physicians who graduated from the Penn Highlands Healthcare Graduate Medical Education program, presented the inaugural Educator of the Year award to Dr. Thomas A. Carnevale.

DuBOIS — Thomas A. Carnevale, M.D., of Penn Highlands Healthcare, was presented the Educator of the Year award during the graduation ceremony for the first resident physicians of the Graduate Medical Education program.

Dr. Kyle Diller, one of the two graduates, presented the inaugural award to Carnevale.

Diller recalled a story from his intern year when he was working with Carnevale, who specializes in obstetrics/gynecology.

“I’m pretty sure it was my first vaginal delivery as a resident,” said Diller. “Dr. Carnevale was standing right behind me during the entire procedure. I was nervous, but I was confident knowing he was there looking over my shoulder. I was also quite proud of myself, because he didn’t really correct much of my technique during the delivery.”

Afterward, Diller said he turned around and asked Carnevale how he did, and that’s when he said, “I couldn’t see a thing you were doing, but I figured there was nothing I could walk up to that I hadn’t seen before.”

“But, I’ll never forget that night, because it sort of framed the rest of my training,” said Diller. “I learned to act with confidence in preparation, but to know when to ask for help. Because learning from your limitations and knowing when to ask for help is what separates bad physicians from great ones like Dr. Carnevale.”

Diller called Carnevale one of the “most caring, hardworking physicians” he knows.

“I really enjoyed teaching the interns and residents,” said Carnevale. “This is a big honor. I mean, I never thought that I’d be Educator of the Year, for crying out loud. Thank you very much. You have a great program here and I hope to be involved in the future.”

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