DuBOIS — There is a new weekly farmers market available to the DuBois area thanks to providers at Clearfield-Jefferson Primary Care Associates.

The practice made up of 10 providers has a strong focus on patient-centered holistic care, said Dr. Brandon Roscoe, who founded the practice in 2012. In addition to traditional medical care, Primary Care Associates also offer free assessments by their wellness coaches to help guide patients on their journey to health with recommendations ranging from diet and lifestyle changes to specific supplements for their particular illness.

“During the pandemic, our staff and providers have been on the front lines both night and day,” said Roscoe. “We’ve seen the toll it has taken on our patients and our own families physically, mentally, and financially. Wanting to help our patients and our community any way we can, we felt that having a community driven-Farmers Market would not only boost our local economy but also give our patients a place to get fresh, local produce, grass-fed local beef and other handmade products.”

The practice charges nothing for businesses who want to attend and no entry fees or other costs, said Roscoe.

Some of the vendors include:

  • Holly Daniels from Tonic of Wildness, featuring fresh local produce
  • Charles Mowery from Mowery Family Farms with grass-fed beef
  • Serene Bean Coffee with coffee drinks and smoothies
  • Gabby Orcutt, featuring essential oils and handmade yoga items
  • Justine Cherry-Stutsman, featuring handmade soaps and bath goods
  • Journey of Life Design, featuring gift items and specializing in silk floral design
  • Jewelry designer Maria J. Cherry

The practice also has a table featuring high-end supplements and vitamins at wholesale prices making them accessible to people of all income ranges, said Roscoe.

Other vendors will be joining soon, ranging from local gyms to local blacksmiths, he said.

With three offices, in DuBois, Clearfield and Punxsutawney, Roscoe said they care for more than 17,000 patients in central Pennsylvania.

Roscoe said the practice plans to operate the farmers market, located at 33 Beaver Drive, every Monday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. for the rest of the summer.

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