SYKESVILLE — When Sykesville Fox's Pizza owner Denise Laukitis asked one of her employees about her senior year, she was surprised to hear she wasn't upset about graduation or prom.

Ashley Kister has been involved with art for about five years, and had been looking forward to participating in the DuBois Area High School Senior Showcase. When Laukitis asked Kister her reaction to missing out on prom or graduation, Kister responded in a way Laukitis wasn't expecting.

“I was talking to her Sunday about school, and I asked if she was disappointed about missing prom or graduation. She said, 'I really didn't want to go to graduation, and prom really doesn't seem to matter, but what I am disappointed in is Senior Showcase because my art was supposed to be featured in it,'” Laukitis said.

An art showcase was something Laukitis decided she could help with. Even though she couldn't give Kister the showcase at the school, she could give her a place to display her art. 

Laukitis offered to hang Kister's work at Fox's Pizza. It might not be the same as a Senior Showcase at the school, but it puts Kister's artwork in its own display for the public around Sykesville to see.

The artwork is now hanging on the walls of the pizza shop, and while the public still isn't allowed to dine-in at the restaurant, they can browse the art when they order food for pick-up.

“She really is a phenomenal artist,” Laukitis said.

Kister's artwork is hung at the Sykesville Fox's Pizza, and will remain there on display for the public for some time.

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