BROOKVILLE — The Jefferson County Commissioners issued the following statement Monday afternoon:

The Jefferson County Commissioners are responsible for the people and property of Jefferson County. We do not take that mandate lightly. I am confident in our people and the training that they have received to get us through this pandemic. Until the threat of COVID-19 is over, we will be gathering information, identifying resources, looking for weak points, and discussing options to give us the best ability to make decisions when they are needed.

What we can do is plan. Our plan is to keep all critical and essential services operational. We will be shifting resources when and where necessary. We will be taking direction from the federal and state government and adapting our plans when they need to be adjusted.

We are in this together. Know that the Jefferson County Commissioners in coordination with Jefferson County Emergency Services are at the ready. We will be communicating daily with updates as events unfold. Tomorrow (Tuesday, March 17), we will be meeting with the department heads of the county to further develop our contingency plans. As of 2 p.m. today (Monday), there are no reported cases within the county. The spread is continuing across the Commonwealth and we must be prepared to respond accordingly. Until then, be calm, be safe, and stay at home.”

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