Dianna and Kira Myers

Dianna and Kira Myers stand by the table of vegetables set up at their store to help the Falls Creek community.

FALLS CREEK — Dianna and Ron Myers have strong principles of giving back to the community whenever they can, and stepped up in the face the coronavirus last week to offer food.

K&D Bargain Store is run by Dianna and Ron Myers, though Ron Myers said it is his wife’s and daughter’s store. The shop is named for their daughter, Kira, and Dianna Myers.

Previously the Myers have held a free community Thanksgiving dinner and a lunch with Santa during the holidays.

“In order to make a community become a community, the only way that will happen is if we get the community together,” Ron Myers said.

Ron made the decision to put the vegetables out because of senior citizens and those who couldn’t afford to buy groceries during the coronavirus pandemic. He was afraid the stimulus was taking too long to come into being, and knew there were people who needed food now.

He bought all the vegetables — potatoes from Raybuck Farms, carrots, and onions — to offer to people. He did set a limit of one pound of potatoes, two onions, and bag of baby carrots per household in order to spread the food around as much as possible.

“We do what we can for everybody. We try our best,” Myers said. “Falls Creek is like no other. They are so kind and generous, they help all the time.”

He said he had also received calls to deliver some items to people in town who didn’t want to leave their homes during the pandemic.

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