LOCK HAVEN — Lock Haven University recently announced that planning is underway for developing a reopening strategy for fall. The university’s executive team is involved in daily discussions about various opening scenarios.

“Our desire is to resume studies this fall with the health and safety of our Haven family at the forefront, and with the confidence that we are providing the best academic, curricular and extracurricular experiences possible, that our students need and expect from Lock Haven University,” said Dr. Robert Pignatello, LHU president.

A comprehensive planning process recently was launched with the formation of seven working groups who are evaluating a variety of important considerations for the fall. The groups are weighing all options for resuming studies and discussing the steps LHU will need to take to prepare for every scenario. The groups are comprised of faculty, staff, administrators, students and community members with experience in each of the planning areas.

One of the university’s key objectives is to examine all of the implications of the return this fall to face-to-face instruction, well informed by all safety considerations.

“A university without students in classes, residence halls and athletic facilities is missing its heart and soul,” Pignatello said. “We are intent on reopening the campus with an eye on reestablishing campus life. The thoughtful and intentional planning underway by our working groups will inform our decision-making process, as will guidance from government, our system and public health officials.”

The university recognizes that undergraduate students are challenged with a virtual experience and are missing the on-campus culture they typically enjoy. LHU is working to figure out the steps to safely return to that model, and at the same time, investing in how to make remote instruction a more robust learning experience.

The university’s steadfast goal is to wrap up its working group discussions in time to announce a decision on the fall semester in June.

Pignatello encourages new and continuing students to not let the pandemic alter their plans for starting or continuing their higher education experience at The Haven this fall.

“The impact of the pandemic on the economy, and the devastating effect on employment, underscore the importance of acquiring credentials that will help students navigate the complexities and challenges of the modern working world,” Pignatello said. “Now is not the time to push the pause button on the future. Stay the course and enroll at LHU this fall, because we will be ready to provide the quality education needed to meet the demands of a post pandemic economy.”

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