PUNXSUTAWNEY — The Punxsutawney School Board continued last week to table unfinished business topics until the board can have an in-person meeting.

Superintendent Thomas Lesniewski, providing an update on the meal program the school has been running since the shutdown, said, “It's working out very well. Our numbers are anywhere on a daily basis from around 900 to 1,000 meals. Obviously we're giving each student two meals a day, but it's working out very well.”

The program was meant to conclude at the end of May, but Lesniewski said the school will extend it to the end of June.

Students in the district will also receive a card in the mail for SNAP benefits to help cover their summer needs. The district qualifies for this, so every student, regardless of whether they already have a card or not, will receive the benefit.

“Our students are going to get over $700,000 worth of extra food in that card format to use appropriately for their summer needs,” Lesniewski said.

Lesniewski added that all the student addresses have been double checked in their systems because the federal food department will send the cards in the mail.

“If we find out there's some way we can advocate to continue this beyond this year of pandemic crisis, I think we're reaching far more children with this plan than we have ever probably through our regular cafeteria summer program,” Cindy Depp-Hutchinson said.

Lesniewski said this is an ongoing discussion with Denise Geist, the district cafeteria manager, as she has many of her own regulations to meet for the program to continue. He said the district might have to remove some of the delivery sites, but they are trying to continue the program.

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