DuBOIS — Virtual visits for a majority of physician practices are now being implemented by Penn Highlands Healthcare, PHH Chief Operating Officer Mark Norman announced Tuesday during a telephone news conference.

“It is called, ‘MyDocNow,’ and is available on the MyHealthNow app,” said Norman.

In explaining how “MyDocNow” works, Norman said the steps include:

  • Step one would be for people to call their doctor’s office for an appointment.
  • Step two is to download the MyHealthNow app from an iPhone or Android app store, or go to MyHealthNow-PHHealthcare.org.
  • Step three includes being prompted to create an account.
  • Step four is to choose the MyDocNow icon, which will show people the app once they have scheduled an appointment.
  • Step five would be to get the appropriate treatment.

Norman stressed that healthcare facilities are still open for those who have other health concerns during this time of COVID-19.

“Obviously, as a community, we need to continue social distancing. However, there are still a number of people in our community that are dealing with other illnesses as we go through this that continue to require care as well,” Norman said.

PHH has also implemented across its Physician Network a parking lot waiting area, where patients wait in their cars for their appointments rather than in the waiting rooms.

“What we do is we call them when the provider is ready to see them,” said Norman. “This minimizes any people in waiting rooms and keeps that social distancing in place. In some cases, we are also offering telephone appointments as well where that is applicable.”

Since last week, PHH employees have been educated on new personal protective equipment guidelines as well.

Norman expressed appreciation to PHH employees for their hard work and dedication during trying times.

“Everyone has really come together and united across the healthcare system to care for our patients in the community,” said Norman. “I also want to thank the community as well. We’ve had an outpouring of support from a lot of people. People still ask me what can they do to help. We encourage everyone to continue to donate masks, rubber gloves, and other personal protective equipment.”

Norman said it is very important for people to donate blood through the Community Blood Bank.

“Also as a nonprofit organization, we do accept donations that could be used for additional equipment and supplies as well,” Norman said.

The PHH COVID-19 Task Force, led by Dr. Shawn Sheehan, medical director of Emergency Medicine for all of PHH, continues to review information daily and make necessary recommendations or changes from the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control to ensure that they are keeping patients and staff safe.

“At Penn Highlands Healthcare, the safety of our staff, and visitors, and community continues to be our top priority as we continue to respond to this situation,” Norman said.

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