PUNXSUTAWNEY — Local author John McCormick has recently released a book focused on what life will be like following the coronavirus pandemic.

McCormick has experience serving 30 years as an emergency management coordinator and holds multiple current FEMA certificates. One of these certificates is Continuity of Operations Planning in a Pandemic, and many of his other certificates have applications to a post pandemic world, according to McCormick.

McCormicks latest work is titled “Life After a Pandemic: Everything will be Different, YOU Need to Start Preparing NOW!”

He covers statistics on the economy, the lost lives, and jobs that will become obsolete at a more rapid pace thanks to the pandemic.

“45 percent of the 2019 jobs are gone forever, and 15 entire job categories, including bank tellers, librarians, telemarketers, cab drivers, even commercial fishermen, will essentially disappear within a decade, a change only accelerated, not caused by the pandemic,” McCormick said.

He also takes a historical look back at previous pandemics, using the Spanish flu pandemic from 1918 as a reference point. He focuses on how Philadelphia held parades while St. Louis isolated, and points out in the Science/Medical chapter that St. Louis only had about five percent as many deaths per 100,000 in population at that time.

“This won’t be the last pandemic – they come every so often and much more often as the world becomes more crowded. The COVID pandemic spread around the world in one or two weeks,” McCormick said.

Another angle taken in the book is the cost for the medical care needed to survive the virus. Using university studies and references, he estimates the average hospital ICU stay as of May was 14 days, or about $93,338 without intubation, and about $151,116 plus doctor and specialist bills if a patient was on a ventilator.

The book just went on sale on June 1, and McCormick has already seen sales in Brazil and India.

“This book is about what the new world will look like,” McCormick said.

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