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ST. MARYS — St. Marys Area School District Board of Administrators student representative Aiden Bobik gave a presentation to the board during Monday evening’s meeting.

One of the things that Bobik does regularly, he said, is conduct surveys among St. Marys Area High School students. A recent survey of students showed that they have “largely supported” the district’s decisions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bobik commended SMASD on its health and safety decisions, too, and thanked teachers and staff members for their efforts.

Bobik also gave an update on student activities that have resumed, including high school sports and the yearbook and ecology clubs, as well as the SMAHS’ recent Poetry Out Loud competition. SMAHS student government is also hosting a “student government logo competition.”

Moving on to a more serious topic, Bobik went on to discuss challenges faced by students, such as that 93 percent of students in Pennsylvania reportedly hear homophobic remarks at school, harassing/bullying comments or comments related to gender.

SMASD prohibits discrimination, Bobik added, and is also implementing a new educational equity policy, on Monday evening’s agenda. Bobik said this is “another great step.”

Bobik said he believes gender identity/expression should also be added to SMASD policies, as well as bullying related to gender identity and expression and supportive transgender policies.

Superintendent Brian Toth responded in agreement, saying an equity plan is in place and will be included in the district’s next comprehensive plan.

Toth also thanked Bobik for keeping him updated on student feedback throughout COVID.

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