The Chow Hall

The Chow Hall food truck was busy despite cold, rainy weather on Friday during their time at the Punxsy Plaza.

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Jim and Teresa Morrison have found unexpected success during the pandemic with their new business venture, The Chow Hall food truck.

The couple started the business last year, and started serving food April 1. They spent the year getting the food trailer ready, gathering necessary permits, and finishing up at their previous job.

The couple worked together at their previous job, and wanted something they could do together.

“We originally wanted to start a restaurant, then after talking to a lot of people we thought this would be a better way to start, and there’s a lot less startup cost. And then try this for a few years, and if we decide to stick with this and only this that’s okay, but if we decide to do a restaurant later then we have the capital from this to invest,” Teresa Morrison said.

The couple didn’t expect to get started with the food truck until May once the coronavirus spread to the area. They opened a month earlier because of essential businesses looking for restaurants to serve their workers.

“We ended up getting started the first of April because there were several essential businesses that were looking for restaurants to come in and provide food for their employees. That has actually been our start, working with the essential businesses,” Jim Morrison said. “That part of it actually helped us.”

The couple knows one of the managers of Cresco Labs in Brookville, and he called to ask if they could supply the workers with lunch. That led to the Morrisons opening early, and serve the employees.

The two agreed, and are now at Cresco once every week supplying lunch to the employees.

“It’s not quite what we thought, but we knew we just needed to adapt and do it. And it was kind of nice because it’s been a gradual breaking in,” Teresa said.

The truck has been serving Cresco, Christ the King Manor, Stello Foods, and the Tractor Supply in the Punxsy Plaza. The Punxsy Plaza was the first public location the truck had been to. The Morrisons post where they will be on the facebook page The Chow Hall for customers to find them.

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