DuBOIS — By the end of this week, every Wasson Elementary student should have a new book in his or her hand for the summer thanks to the Wasson Elementary PTA.

The Wasson PTA has worked with the faculty and staff at Wasson Elementary School to assemble book kits for each child at the school for the “Book in Hand” project, said PTA President Marcie Brubaker.

Within the kits, said Brubaker, students will find a book hand selected by their classroom teacher, a bookmark, a few activity sheets, a coupon for McDonald’s and a few sweet treats.

“Wasson PTA wanted to continue to promote and encourage the students to read during this unfamiliar time,” said Brubaker. “Each classroom teacher selected a book for their class that they believed they would simply enjoy reading for pleasure, but also could be utilized in online learning.”

Brubaker said reading is an essential part of learning and it is important to continue to promote healthy minds even during the pandemic.

“Books can take you to many wonderful places by using your imagination,” she said. “You can dive into a good book to help pass the time, while developing vocabulary and language skills along with fluency and comprehension skills. In addition to all these benefits, reading is fun. It allows the students to express themselves by choosing the books that they enjoy, as well as promoting family time by reading together.”

“Time and time again our school community unites to provide opportunities for the children we serve,” said Superintendent Wendy Benton. “It’s impressive to see our community’s unwavering commitment to educate the children in our community. Together we overcome the challenges and we continue to brighten the days of our children through compassion. It’s the thoughtful, servant leaders that make the biggest difference.”

Brubaker said the project would not have been possible without the help of the faculty and staff at Wasson, the district transportation department, administrators, the special education department, Jewell’s Busing Company, McDonald’s of DuBois, and those at the various locations to help provide pick-up spots for the students to continue to stay safe and practice social distancing guidelines set forth by the state.

The distribution for the project starts Tuesday from 3-4 p.m. All locations are in DuBois. For children who ride Bus 11, the pick-up location will be Goodwill Hose Co., 418 S. State St.; Bus 815: DuBois Salvation Army, 119 S. Jared St.; and Bus 612: Spring Avenue and Locust Street intersection.

From 3-4 p.m. Wednesday, the Bus 811 (Highland Street School) pick-up location is the former Highland Street Elementary School, 493 S. Highland St.; Bus 811 and 840 (310 Knarr and 410 Knarr): Subway parking lot, 341 S. Brady St.; parent pick-up for walkers at the Sandy Hose Co., 15 Forest Ave.

From 3-4 p.m. Thursday, children who ride Bus 815: Volunteer Hose Co., 81 E. Park Ave.; Bus 841: St. Catherine’s Church, 118 S. State St.; parent pick-up and walkers: Sandy Hose Co., 15 Forest Ave.

From 3-4 p.m. Friday, for children who ride Bus 841: Nelson House parking lot, 123 N. Main St.; and Bus 844: The Villa parking lot, 800 W. Weber Ave.

If a student’s bus or van is not located on the list, please watch for a message regarding locations for students.

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