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Sandy Township
Sandy Twp. receives preliminary design of proposed new municipal building

Sandy Township Manager Shawn Arbaugh, at Monday’s supervisors’ meeting, shared preliminary drawings completed by KTH Architects for the proposed new municipal building and police department.

“I just wanted to provide correspondence in front of you from KTH we received late this evening ... a preliminary conceptual design of a new building,” said Arbaugh. “They (KTH) also did submit a cost estimate. There were some issues with it, though, that I wasn’t ready to share with you at this time. There were some miscalculations on it. So, I did want to share the boards they had and also just the preliminary drawings that they had completed.”

Arbaugh said if the supervisors have any comments or questions over the next few weeks to please let him know.

In April, the supervisors approved hiring KTH Architects of DuBois for preliminary design services for possible construction of a new municipal building.

The location of the proposed new municipal building is on the Oklahoma-Salem Road on property purchased by the township several years ago, with hopes in the future of being able to building a new municipal building.

The current municipal building is located at 1094 Chestnut Ave.

Touch a TruckArbaugh said the township received a request from the Greater DuBois Chamber of Commerce to participate in the annual Touch a Truck event in the parking lot of the DuBois Walmart from noon to 3 p.m. on Sept. 14. The supervisors approved the township’s participation in the event which displays a wide variety of heavy equipment, trucks, emergency vehicles and fun “stuff” for children to climb on, honk horns and explore.

Industrial Park Access RoadThe supervisors approved paying invoice #15 for the Industrial Park Access Road.

DuBois-based band 'Secret Eyes' signs new record deal

Hundreds of hours in the studio have paid off for the DuBois-based band “Secret Eyes,” which recently signed with InVogue Records out of Findlay, Ohio.

Drummer Patrick Gallagher said they were previously a four-member band of DuBois natives called “Ahimsa Sunrise,” until around 2011.

“Secret Eyes” started in 2014, with three of the same DuBois musicians and Eric Lewis, the lead guitarist from Greensburg. Seth Cooper is the band’s singer and guitarist and Brian Caine is the bass guitarist.

The band’s debut album was on the “Tragic Hero Records” label, Gallagher said, releasing a series of music videos and singles. They played in the Vans Warped Tour in 2018.

The band signed with InVogue Records out of Findlay, Ohio, June 14, Gallagher said. They are working with the international talent agency “Artery Global” as their booking agent.

When the men started writing their new record, “Holding On,” which will be released in November, they set out to make the best music possible, O’Gallagher said. The record was created at Think Loud Studios in York, Pennsylvania, owned by Chad Taylor from the rock band “LIVE,” which has sold 40 million records worldwide.

“We finally found our sound,” Gallagher said. “We really wanted to make songs people can relate to. Most of them are about relationships, love and hard times in life. We spent a year and a half, and hundreds of hours, writing this record.”

“Secret Eyes” also worked with grammy-nominated producers Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland on this album.

The band’s history together and overall bond has contributed to their success, Gallagher said.

“The three of us have just been so close, for so long,” he said. “We have such a commitment to the band and music and our close friendship. It’s like we’re family, in a way. We had to go through a couple of people, but Eric is a great fit.”

The name changes from “Ahisma Sunrise” to “Secret Eyes” had to do with pursuing more of a rock and pop vibe, rather than a metal-core based sound, Gallagher said.

The band plays at Coyote Joe’s on West Long Avenue in DuBois several times a year, Gallagher said.

“It’s always a great turnout,” he said. “We thank them for all the support they’ve given us, and continue to give us.”

The town also stood behind the band when “Ahimsa Sunrise” was on the “Bodog Music Battle of the Bands” television series, Gallagher said.

For more information about “Secret Eyes” and their music, visit the Facebook page.

Photo by Craig Moyer 

DuBois Minor League All-Star Seth Wilmoth drives an RBI double to right-center field during the fourth inning against LeBoeuf Tuesday. Wilmoth finished 2-for-3 with the double, a triple, three RBIs and a run scored in a 6-2 victory.

Steps being taken to demolish 'dangerous' house in Sandy Twp.

The Sandy Township Supervisors, at their meeting Monday, approved taking steps to demolish a house, deemed a dangerous and dilapidated property by a building inspector, at 115 Tozier Ave.

The township did look at nine properties considered to be in dangerous conditions, said Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer Jim Keck.

“This one is in the worst condition,” said Keck.

Bill Kulbacki of Pennsafe Building Inspection Services LLC said he and Keck performed a building safety site inspection on the house on July 3 and presented pictures of the house to the supervisors.

“You can see how the building was posted, but if you take a look at the pictures of the of the property, I think the second picture will show it’s pretty definitive on why I feel it’s a dangerous and dilapidated property,” said Kulbacki. “You can basically see that the roof was almost totally missing on the one side. So, I’ve been back since and some of the fascia boards have fallen off. The interior of the building, there’s windows out, but the interior of the building is also with the rain that we’ve had again this year, it’s dropped the ceilings from upper floors to lower floor, mold growing everywhere, carpets, very black and molding ... all of the ceilings are rotted. The house is in a horrible condition and and it appears abandoned and left in a serious defective condition.”

The house appears to be in an “uninhabitable state of repair,” said Kulbacki. As a result, he designated the building on this property as dangerous and dilapidated in accordance with the township ordinance.

“I’m here tonight to recommend to the Sandy Township Board of Supervisors to take appropriate action to remove the structure and bring the property and the code compliance as soon as possible,” said Kulbacki.

The house is in a neighborhood with very close neighbors, said Kulbacki, noting the house are 5 to 6 feet apart.

“We’ve tracked this house now for ... over eight years ... and it’s slowly gotten worse to the point where ... I don’t want to see any issues or anybody get hurt,” said Kulbacki. “The houses, the close proximity make it a true danger and I recommend to take whatever action you can as immediate as possible.”

Keck noted that another house, located on Wayne Road, was also in pretty bad shape and has since been demolished.

“This one is top priority at 115 Tozier. I think that a removal as soon as possible would be key with this matter,” said Keck.

The township has notified all necessary parties who have 30 days to respond, said Keck.

The supervisors unanimously approved proceeding with the steps to demolish the building and receive quotes on demolition costs.

New Ridgway-based state police commander, Spruce Street bids topics of meeting

RIDGWAY — The new commander of the Pennsylvania State Police station in Ridgway was introduced at Monday evening’s Ridgway Borough Council meeting.

Sgt. Michael Gray was appointed to commander two weeks ago, he announced to council, saying he plans to work with the borough and community to keep the area safe.

The state police at Ridgway have a good relationship with the Ridgway Borough Police, Gray said.

“We’re brothers — they work with us, and we work with them,” he said.

Gray addressed the big drug problem in Elk County, including driving under the influence (DUI) issues since the increase of medical marijuana use.

“I want to get the drugs out of here,” he said. “We are buckling down on this.”

All Ridgway-based state police officers are now required to be Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) trained, helping them to identify signs of impairment.

Spruce Street sewer Visitors attended Monday’s meeting to witness the Spruce Street sewer replacement project bid opening.

Pollard Land Services Inc. came in at $1,269,610, and Continental Construction Inc. at $1,272,146.

Both offers were higher than the budget request, said borough Manager Paul McCurdy, since the scope of the project increased.

After review of both documents, the council chose to award the bid to PLSI.

Ridgway Borough Code Enforcement Officer Michael Handley said there have been major complaints about burnings in the borough, with outdoor fires causing smoke to go into neighboring windows.

He asked residents to be cautious of ensuring smoke from their fire isn’t bothering the people around them.

Junior Council person Julie Peterson presented a letter to council about what she learned about local government so far. Other JCP Evelyn Cobaugh submitted a letter about Ridgway Borough events, as well as a local newsletter, to the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs.

Ridgway Mayor Guillermo Udarbe told council he will be attending the Pennsylvania State Association of Mayors conference Tuesday.

Council also discussed that Elk County Community Foundation grants are now available for area nonprofit organizations to apply for.