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Owner of Brody's Rib & Chophouse shares passion for authentic barbecue

PUNXSUTAWNEY — A Punxsutawney native with a passion for authentic barbecue can recall the days when he thought he’d join the pizza business, following in his family’s footsteps.

Brody’s Barbecue was started out of a tent at the Country Villa Motel on Groundhog Day 2014, said Owner Jeremy Limerick. The name “Brody’s” comes from Limerick’s son.

Brody’s Rib & Chophouse, a Route 119 restaurant, opened in October of 2016. Limerick slow roasts all of his products in an offset cooker behind the building, using 100 percent Pennsylvania hardwoods. Brody’s burgers are also pressed fresh every day, and made with buns from Chicago.

Limerick grew up making pizzas, since he is the son of Katie Laska, who started Laska’s Pizza — now a North Main Street business — when he was 4 years old.

He attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania, graduating in hotel and restaurant management. He held different jobs throughout the years, but always wanted to be self employed.

“I have always been obsessed with cooking meat over a live fire,” Limerick says. “My dad would always take me fishing and camping along Mahoning Creek in the summertime, and building a fire and cooking over it was always a part of that.”

He began experimenting with smoking meat while working in the oil and gas industry for six years, Limerick said. Many of his fellow workers had smokers, which inspired Limerick to try out a new hobby. He bought himself a cooker and started bringing raw briskets and ribs.

“I kind of became fascinated with the whole process,” he said. “I cooked almost every day for a year. Meat cooked with a wood fire has a taste you can’t replicate with gas or electric.”

After he and his wife, Holly, began setting up shop on Groundhog Day and smoking everything on site, Limerick says he found his calling. He adds that he wouldn’t be where he is today without his wife’s support.

“After that first day, I knew I could make a go at this,” he said.

Limerick does all of the smoking behind the restaurant, he said, since he prefers to do it himself so the products reach his standards. The business also has two line cooks and five employees overall. He always intended for the dining room to be small, so his customers receive more attention. The venue has a rustic feel, with wooden tables and smoke décor on the walls, and the aroma of smoked meat.

When he thinks of watching his mother work so hard growing up, Limerick can only consider her the best role model possible, helping to shape the person he is today.

His hometown of Punxsutawney is the best place for his business, since he has a passion for where he grew up, Limerick says. He and Laska are also members of the Punxsutawney Chamber of Commerce.

“I love knowing almost all of my customers,” he said. During the weekend, he also meets a lot of travelers, and commuters from nearby towns.

Brody’s was also the winner of the Tri-County Sunday’s “Best Barbecue” reader’s choice award in 2018.

Brody’s Rib & Chophouse is located at 20135 Route 119 in Punxsutawney. For more information, visit, the Facebook page or call 814-938-3344.

BEAUTY AND BEYOND: Three friends, colleagues open hair salon together

BROCKWAY — After working together for years, three friends — Elizabeth Powell, Christy Serafini and Ashley Krajweski — have started their own full-service salon, “Beauty and Beyond,” located off Route 219 in Brockway.

One of the most enjoyable parts of the salon, for Powell, is where it’s located. The “Beauty and Beyond” business was created by adding on to her family’s business, Fremer’s Market.

Just as Powell feels comfortable and at home in the new salon, that’s how the trio want their customers to feel as well. They welcome everyone to come for a visit and relax or chat in an easygoing environment while they make them feel and look beautiful.

“We all have worked together for a while and we just really enjoyed each other’s company,” said Powell. “We decided that we wanted become a team together and just go for it. We figured it would be easier to do together rather than try and run a business by ourselves.”

Powell has been doing hair and nails for eight years, while Serafini has been a hairstylist for 14 years and Krajweski for about four years.

Some the services offered are women’s, men’s and children’s haircuts, dimensional coloring, pedicures, manicures, perms and waxing.

They each wanted the salon to be not just hair, but full-service, including pedicures and manicures, said Serafini. And it’s always important for them to keep prices affordable and welcoming.

The salon is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to noon on Saturdays. They are also willing to accommodate clients that need other times if their clients need it.

For more information, visit the “Beauty and Beyond” Salon Facebook page.

Doolittle's Dinosaurs to open this weekend

A dinosaur exhibit — a long-awaited attraction at Dr. Jeffrey Rice’s Doolittle Station located at 1295 Rich Highway in DuBois — is scheduled to open this weekend.

Doolittle’s Dinosaurs will be open from noon to 7 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, Rice said.

“Bring the children, bring yourself to see the more than 20 dinosaurs on display, some of which are animatronic. You will be amazed of this display as you walk through the trail,” says the Doolittle’s promotional information.

The exhibit also features a place to take a photo of children inside a dinosaur egg, ride a dinosaur or dig for fossils like the paleontologists do. There will also be fossils that people can touch.

Rice said the 4,000-square-foot facility will provide a showcase for displays featuring animatronic dinosaurs, a dinosaur skeleton representation and 10 full-sized fiberglass dinosaurs on which youngsters can ride and climb.

“It will be fun and educational,” Rice said. “This is fairly unique for the area as far as a dinosaur exhibit featuring animatronic dinosaurs. These dinosaurs will move and are very lifelike. They even appear to breathe.”

According to Rice, families have to drive long-distances to visit similar shows. He mentioned a recent one at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh where he said tickets were $30.

The cost of admission at the DuBois attraction is $3.

Brody's Barbecue to grace downtown Punxsutawney on Groundhog Day

Come Groundhog Day 2019, downtown Punxsutawney will be engulfed in the smell of smoked meat, cooked by a hometown professional.

Every summer, Brody’s Rib & Chophouse on Route 119 in Punxsutawney closes, so Jeremy Limerick and his wife Holly can spend more than 100 days on the road.

The Brody’s Barbecue trailer travels to fairs, festivals and weddings all over the state, said Limerick, who started the business on Groundhog Day in 2014.

In the beginning, Limerick was smoking and serving products out of a roadside tent, and eventually upgraded to a customized trailer.

On Feb. 2, he will be setting up in a different location, Limerick says. Instead of the usual site at the Country Villa Motel, Brody’s Barbecue will be in downtown Punxsutawney, welcoming new tourists and local customers.

Limerick can recall days where he and Holly stood in -8 degree, snowy weather, bearing the cold to serve authentic, real barbecue products to customers.

“A lot of people think the business is all me, but none of this would be possible without her,” Limerick says of his wife.

The trailer business has been a great way to gain customers, too, and spread the word, Limerick says, as well as meet Punxsutawney Phil tourists.

The catering business has been a major hit when it comes to weddings, Limerick says, since many brides and grooms are looking for a country type of dinner to serve. Brody’s catered 26 weddings last summer, offering products like a “loaded BBQ nacho bar,” pulled pork and chicken, sliced brisket and ribs.

For more information on the Brody’s Barbecue trailer and catering business, visit, the Facebook page or call 814-938-3344.