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Golden Ticket Cinemas to bring luxury movie experience to DuBois

Avid moviegoers will be happy to know that Sunday’s closing of the DuBois Mall movie theater is only temporary — and a new luxury experience awaits.

New owner Golden Ticket Cinemas plans to reopen the Golden Ticket DuBois 5 movie theater just in time for the premiere of the newest DC Comics film, Joker, on Oct. 4, said GTC Operations Director Joseph Horton. However, there is a possibility it could be delayed until Oct. 11.

At first, only some slight cosmetic changes will be seen with the opening of Golden Ticket Cinemas because the new owners do not want to miss out on the upcoming big holiday blockbusters, such as Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, Frozen 2 and Jumanji: The Next Level.

After the holidays, more large scale renovations, like new seating and an expanded menu, will occur, said Horton.

In 2020, Horton said Golden Ticket Cinemas will wow guests with new luxury reclining seats, an expanded food and beverage menu and upgraded sound, as well as a fresh new upscale look.

“After the holidays, with this remodel, you will see our goal of bringing many large market amenities to smaller towns like DuBois,” said GTC President John Bloemeke. “We can’t wait to see the reaction to the changes that we have in store for moviegoers. Most importantly, we are committed to not increasing prices, and in fact, we will be adding numerous promotions and values that are new to the market. Specials will include $5 weekdays and $2 drinks and popcorn every Tuesday.”

Recliners are just a better way to relax and watch a movie instead of having to worry about sitting up straight, having enough leg room, said Horton.

“We are also hoping to bring in some hot food. We have a system where it could be delivered to seats, just depending on how the theater works,” said Horton. “We’re really going to try here to bring the big town entertainment industry into a small town, and it’s been working since our first year, so we’re hoping to continue it.”

In addition to the electric recliners, GTC features assigned seating, meaning guests can pick their seat the moment tickets go on sale, said Horton.

“You’ll know exactly where you’re going to be seated,” said Horton. “You don’t have to worry about getting here early. We’ll have E-ticketing, which is an ability to just show your phone when you show up and go right into the theater. With food order and everything else, it should be really fast experience, so you won’t have to worry about the lines.”

As someone who has been in the movie industry since the age of 16, Horton said, “I love the movies myself. I love popcorn, I love the industry, the entertainment, everything about it, and we are a company ... everybody that is a part of our management team and home office will say exactly the same thing ... we’re just really excited to be here. We’ve come up here a few times, obviously, to look over the place and everything else, and it’s very exciting for us that we have the opportunity to show what we have to DuBois, and hopefully take on the city and do the theater right.”

DuBois Christian Schools thank sponsors of new score board

The DuBois Christian School took time in between the girls’ and boys’ soccer games on Monday to recognize those who made their new score board possible.

The school’s old scoreboard stopped working before the start of last season. The scoreboard was 20 years old, and the style was no longer being made by the company that provided it.

Some of the parents tried to refurbish the board, but it was so old the parts couldn’t be found.

For the whole season the score for games was kept on an old flip-board style score board, and the players struggled to know how much time they had left to play.

Steve and Sandy Preston, parents of students and soccer players at the school, stepped up to spearhead a campaign to get a new scoreboard.

“I did it for the kids. That’s what it’s always about,” Steve Preston said.

They began fundraising and looking for help with getting a new board and sign made for the teams. The old sign was red and white with a Coca-Cola graphic across it. Preston decided to try to have a new sign made with the school colors, blue and white.

Letters were sent, seeking donations, and fundraisers were initiated. They had special fundraiser nights at Hoss’s and raised about $1,000 that way, and found many sponsors from around the area. In the end they managed to raise about $5,500 for the new board, and had some services donated as well.

Goodwill donated its services and designed the graphics for the new sign. Preston sanded down the old sign with the Coke logo on it, and repainted it with a base coat of white, doing all the prep work. Then, Goodwill designed and finished the sign for the team with the graphics software they use.

“We had a lot of volunteer help from individuals who care,” Preston said.

His workplace also allowed him to use a work truck so the installation of the sign and scoreboard would be easier. He even made sure to get feedback from the players about what they wanted in their new scoreboard.

“I asked the kids what they wanted, and the horn was the biggest thing they asked for,” Preston said.

In between the two games, Director of Development Tracy Shenkle spoke to the game’s audience about the new scoreboard. She encouraged everyone to pick up a handout that had all the local sponsors listed, and thank them for their help.

“If you go into any of these businesses, thank them. Tell them how much you appreciate them helping us with this project,” Shenkle said.

About Golden Ticket...

Golden Ticket Cinemas officially takes ownership of the DuBois movie theater, previously the AMC Classic 5 Theater, on Oct. 1, according to GTC Operations Manager Joseph Horton.

DuBois will be the sixth location for GTC, which has four theaters currently in operation — two in North Carolina, one each in Minnesota and Nebraska, and another theater currently under remodel in South Dakota that will open in November.

“We started as a small company in North Carolina,” said Horton. “We took over one theater that used to be a Carmike Theater. We saw that this theater was closing down due to Carmike having bigger plans with the Regal Boone Theater, which is about 30 minutes away, and we saw the opportunity in this small town to take over this building and make it into what it can be for a small town. And while we were working with Carmike, Carmike was currently about to be bought out by another company.”

That company was AMC.

“And we decided to leave the company and start our own venture,” said Horton. “And with that, landlords and mall owners alike have reached out to us, and we’ve made relations with them, and it was something that we started showing them what we could do to a theater, remodeling them, changing them, in these small- to mid-markets, that we could put a little more care and love into it, where we felt that it was missing in some of these markets.”

Horton said Golden Ticket Cinemas is currently speaking with the former staff of AMC Classic 5 Theater.

“We know there’s a lot of talent here,” said Horton. “We’ve heard from the people, from Facebook and through our website on how great the staff is here, so we’re planning to interview everyone who’s interested in joining us and staying on in the theater. Currently, we have not done any interviews, but this week I’m here to do it, and next week we’ll be making some of our first hires.”

Horton said they are currently speaking with the theater’s current General Manager Mike Kennelly seeking his recommendations.

“He’s (Kennelly) been in the industry for, I believe, over 30 years, so he has some experience that we hope he could share with us,” said Horton, noting he’s also speaking to Kennelly about staying on as manager of the theater under the new ownership.

“We haven’t reached a contract or anything like that, but it is what we hope to happen,” said Horton.

The existing and well loved popcorn bucket will continue as Golden Ticket Cinemas will fill guests’ previously purchased AMC 2019 buckets for only $4 through the end of the year. Additionally, GTC has a similar popcorn bucket that will be on sale this November and be valid throughout 2020.

Applications for employment are available via the website: www.gtcinemas.com.

Man killed in Elk County landfill accident

KERSEY — A man was killed in an accident at Greentree Landfill in Fox Township Tuesday afternoon.

Elk County Coroner Michelle A. Muccio reports that at approximately 3:05 p.m., a 56-year-old Caucasian man became entrapped between the rear of a tractor-trailer and the back of a tipping device located within the landfill.

The coroner pronounced the man dead at the scene at 5:36 p.m. The cause of death was determined to be blunt force crush injuries to the lower abdomen, and the manner of death is accidental.

The deceased was not identified as of press time, pending notification of family.

Sandy Twp.
Sandy Twp.: New building committee to explore regional government center with DuBois

Members of Sandy Township’s new building committee have decided to explore the possibility of a regional government center with the City of DuBois.

At Monday’s supervisors’ meeting, Supervisor Mark Sullivan, also the committee’s chairman, said the new group met for the first time on Sept. 9 to begin to pursue options for a proposed new municipal building and police department. All members of the committee were in attendance.

Another committee meeting has been scheduled for Sept. 23, Sullivan said.

“We’re definitely looking at a new building,” said Sullivan, noting they reviewed preliminary drawings of a proposed new building with KTH Architects, DuBois.

Although renovating the current municipal building, located at 1094 Chestnut Ave., was considered, the committee believes that is not the best option.

Sullivan also said the township received a letter from the City of DuBois and city Manager John “Herm” Suplizio requesting that the township consider exploring the possibility of a new “regional government center” to be shared by the two municipalities.

“There was enough interest with members of the committee that we thought this should be investigated,” said Sullivan. “So that’s where we stand at this point. In addition to maybe municipal offices, they were hoping for additional local county and state offices to be included in that facility. So at our next meeting, we’re hoping to take a closer look at some of those.”

The committee did not request any action or make any recommendations to the supervisors at this time.

Supervisors’ Chairman Jim Jeffers asked if acquiring additional land would be necessary with a proposed regional government center.

“The committee has just decided that they would investigate the possibility of a regional government center,” said Sullivan. “As far as where the building would be located or what size, that was not discussed.”

“The present building would not handle the capacity of a regional government, is that correct?” said Jeffers.

“The present building here has a hard time meeting the needs of Sandy Township,” said Sullivan.

“So (our) ears are open and eyes are open, right?” said Jeffers.

“You hit the nail on the head. Our ears and eyes are open. We’re going to be reviewing all of the avenues that are brought before us,” said Sullivan.