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Goodwill to open new online store featuring designer fashions at Goodwill prices

DuBOIS — Designer women’s fashions will soon be coming to Goodwill Industries of North Central Pennsylvania.

“We are in the process, unfortunately we aren’t able to get it ready before Christmas, but we’re starting another online store called reStitch,” Goodwill CEO Ray Donati said.

Donati said he hopes that the new online store, called reStitch, will be ready for business in January or February.

“It will be nothing but high-end ladies fashion,” said Donati, noting that the clothing will be coming from Macy’s and a couple other vendors which will provide Goodwill with ongoing high quality ladies fashion.

Everything is pre-tagged and all items will be starting at $13.99, Donati said.

“Most of them are $99 and up, pre-ticket,” he said.

“We’re excited to bring high quality fashion at Goodwill prices to the local area and entire country,” said Krisha Oates of Goodwill’s eCommerce department.

Even though it will be an online store, local customers will be able to pick up their purchased merchandise at the Goodwill headquarters in Falls Creek if they would like, said Donati.

“But we will be shipping all across the country, just like ShopGoodwill,” Donati said.

There will be brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Alfani, said Oates.

“We are bringing the city fashions into Falls Creek and then online,” she said.

“Most importantly, we’re creating jobs,” said Donati, noting the store will employ at least five full-time employees.

New store in Tionesta

Donati also said that Goodwill is opening a new store in Tionesta.

“It’s part of our area that’s underserved,” Donati said. “We’ve made a deal to open a store inside the grocery store. It’s the first time anything like this has been done. We’ve taken about 25 to about 3,000 square feet out at the grocery store in Tionesta, and it’s going to be run totally by students from East and West Forest Learning Support. It’s going to be a unique situation. We don’t look at it as anything that we’re going to gain any profit from, but it’s going to be a unique opportunity for us to do that in that area. Right now, those students are collecting donations and processing them inside the school.”

Ridgway Animal Haven aims to curb Johnsonburg's feral feline population

JOHNSONBURG — To address the number of feral cats prowling the streets, animal shelter Ridgway Animal Haven plans on placing humane traps throughout the area and treating the felines they ensnare. Working with the shelter will be Jesse Shirey, a veterinarian from the Elk County Veterinary Clinic.

Residents who live near feral cat colonies are encouraged to contact Ridgway Animal Haven so that a trap might be placed nearby. Resembling boxes, the traps will be baited with wet cat food and feature a pressure plate that closes the box’s entrance when activated.

“There are fair number of empty homes – abandoned homes – in the area. The population here has been decreasing,” Shirey said to the Courier-Express during a public information session Wednesday. “Whenever you have a population that’s reducing, you have open spaces the cats will fill in.”

It is not known what the feral cat population in Johnsonburg is, but Shirey did say that there are at least two colonies of which he and Ridgway Animal Haven are aware. When it comes to curbing the population, the group is taking a three-pronged approach.

Haven volunteers will be sent to visit traps nearly every day, and transport any cats caught in them to temporary shelters that will be set up in town and that Shirey will visit several times a week. Healthier cats will be spayed or neutered and returned to the location they were found; well-tempered cats may even be put up for adoption.

It’s these two options that Haven most prefers. The third, euthanasia, will only be pursued when a cat is too sick to release.

Feral cats, Shirey said, often carry diseases that can spread to house pets, like feline leukemia or feline AIDS. Others, like parasites and rabies, can even spread to humans.

Depending on a cat’s needs, treatment can cost anywhere from $40-60, Shirey said. The Borough of Johnsonburg is pitching in, he said, having budgeted $3000 for the project.

Catching and releasing a cat, Shirey said, is the most effective way of reducing a feral colony’s numbers. Treating and vaccinating a cat for diseases prevents them from further spreading, and releasing a spayed or neutered cat back to its colony prevents further breeding.

The group plans on rolling out traps in mid-January.

Residents interested in having a trap placed near their homes can contact Ridgway Animal Haven at 814-389-7080. In the meanwhile, the group is holding a microchip and spay/neuter clinic at the Johnsonburg Borough Office on Saturday, Dec. 23.

Photo by Andy Stine 

Brockway's Carter Adams drives for a layup against three DuBois defenders in the second half of Wednesday's game. Adams finished with 27 points on the night, leading the Rovers to a 63-60 win over the Beavers.

Brookville approves budget with slight increase

BROOKVILLE — The Brookville Borough Council adopted its proposed 2018 budget last week. The $2,316.825.00 budget includes a modest .3 mill increase in the street light fund. The budget will not have a tax increase in the general fund.

The budget does include a $9,000 line item for the construction of a car port at the borough complex. The three sided car port would protect the department’s four vehicles from the weather. The remaining two spots would be fenced and used as an impoundment area.

There is a $38,000 line item for building repair. Of that amount $26,000 was earmarked for roof repair at the borough complex.

The borough had been putting money into a fund for repairs to the building but had discontinued that practice several years ago.

The budget must be adopted by the end of December.

County continues funding for DuBois-Jefferson County airport

BROOKVILLE — Jefferson County will continue in 2018 to support the DuBois-Jefferson County Airport with substantial contributions.

In 2016, the Jefferson County Commissioners increased the subsidy for the cash-strapped airport from $80,000 to $155,000. That funding level is being maintained in the 2018 budget.

Jefferson County’s partner in the airport, Clearfield County, continues to give the airport about $60,000 annually.

In 2004, the airport requested an additional subsidy, from $60,000 annually to $100,000, from each of the counties. Both Clearfield and Jefferson agreed to provide the additional funding with the understanding that it was temporary.

In mid-2015, the airport approached both boards of commissioners asking for a total of $155,000 in annual subsidies from each.

Commissioner Jack Matson noted the county does receive reimbursement from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to compensate for the cost of Jefferson County deputies employed at the airport for security. The county has not received that subsidy however.

The airport subsidy is included in the 2018 budget.