BROOKVILLE — The following deeds have been recorded in the office of Jefferson County Register and Recorder Diane Maihle Kiehl:

  • William I. Cribbs a/k/a William Cribbs to William C. Cribbs, Washington Township.
  • Wayne S. Johnston and Cindy L. Johnston to Kenneth H. Reasinger and Debra D. Reasinger, $21,125, Reynoldsville.
  • Jeremy A. Yusnukis and Nikki G. Walters to Jeremy A. Yusnukis, $45,945.50, Reynoldsville.
  • Roger A. Skinner and Pamela S. Skinner to Roger A. Skinner, Knox Township.
  • Marjorie L. Evans a/k/a Marjorie L. Barr to Robert Mark Yanek Jr., $30,000, Winslow Township.
  • L. David Beckman and Darlene Frances Beckman to Jessica N. Robinson and Glenn A. Robinson II, Reynoldsville.
  • Alvin M. Reinard and Michele L. Reinard to Brian L. Reinard and Jessica E. Reinard, $213.28, Knox Township.
  • Richard L. Reinard and Connie J. Reinard to Brian L. Reinard and Jessica E. Reinard, Knox Township.
  • Diana L. Johnston Est. Rene S. Johnston co-exrx. and Michelle L. Lenhart co-exrx. to Michelle L. Lenhart, Polk Township.
  • Bud Carlson and Autumn Lynn Carlson to Autumn Lynn Carlson, Pine Creek Township.
  • George Malay Est. a/k/a George Malay Sr. Est., Richard James Malay exr., Andy Trujillo, Lewis Sylvester, Nancy Sylvester, Larry Joseph Malay, Cathy L. Malay and Kathi E. Sweeney to Damon J. Marraccini and Andrea L. Marraccini, $41,600, Warsaw Township.
  • Melinda A. Schuckers to Audrey Null, $47,000, Reynoldsville.
  • Chad K. Shenkle and Megan N. Shenkle to Brian P. Hanes and Corina M. Hanes, $165,000, Washington Township.
  • Lisa K. Mehok to Francis J. Rosana and Leigh Ann Rosana, Winslow Township.
  • Ricky A. Dottle and Gretchen A. Dottle to Daniel Meyer and Christopher Kline, $59,900, Barnett Township.
  • John R. Shiock guardian and Frederick C. Ellenberger to Tina K. Smith, $77,850, Punxsutawney.
  • Bonnie Jo Siple tr., Marshall Douglas Siple tr., Glenn D. Siple asset protection trust to Eric L. Hatfield, $65,000, Snyder Township.
  • Property Development LLC to Jeffrey R. Pifer and Colleen D. Pifer, $10,000, Henderson Township.
  • Richard M. Rafferty to Richard Rafferty Jr. tr. and Cloud Hidden Ordinary Trust, Heath Township.
  • Angela L. Walker to Angela L. Walker, Brookville.
  • Dennis Henry P/A, Claire B. Henry by P/A a/k/a Claire Henry by P/A to Matthew R. McMinn, $36,000, Pine Creek Township.
  • Susan Ann Massey to Sussan Ann Massey and Alexander A. Madalis, Falls Creek.

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