BROOKVILLE — A 20 percent increase in sewage fees is included in the 2019 budget approved Tuesday afternoon by the Brookville Municipal Authority.

BROOKVILLE — While E.M. “Jack” Parker Jr. passed away in March, his legacy of working to help his community is still alive.

Shares in the Japanese company's mobile telecommunications unit plummeted 15% in Tokyo on their first day of trading.

CLARION — Speed, quickness, and athleticism are three attributes you can’t teach and all three can determine your success on the basketball court. Clarion Area used all three in rolling to a 70-26 victory over Clarion-Limestone Tuesday night. Read more

My husband and I joke that we’re the worst couple to have over for dinner. Our problem isn’t that we’re messy eaters or that we chew with our mouths open (or at least we haven’t heard a complaint on those accounts yet), but between my vegetarianism and his allergy to dairy, it’s can be hard to find traditional meals we can both eat. Read more

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