BROOKVILLE — Santa Claus doesn’t always wear a red suit when he is delivering Christmas presents, as 10 local families are finding out this week.

Brookville Police Chief Vince Markle was again visited by an anonymous donor, who provided ten envelopes with cash gifts to be given to area families needing a little extra help for Christmas.

“Last year an individual, who wants to remain anonymous, stopped by and gave me 10 envelopes with cash to provide to needy families. I thought it was such a nice gesture that I matched the funds,” he said.

Chief Markle said he used the help of guidance counselors from the school “to help me find those families last year.”

This year, “lo, and behold, that same individual came into the station and handed me 10 more envelopes. It’s an honor that this guy puts his faith and trust to myself to make good decisions and get these envelopes handed out,” he said.

Once again the police chief is going to match the funds.

To find the families this year, Chief Markle said he was “going to get the help from my wife, who is a teacher at the school. She will be talking with her colleagues and individuals to help us with 10 families who could use these envelopes.”

He said the Christmas gifts “speak volumes about the kind of people we have in Brookville. There are so many people that do a lot of great deeds and nice things for people, but none of them ever want any recognition for what they are doing. There are countless people that do great things, but they never want their name mentioned or any recognition.”

He said it “goes back to Halloween. We had an individual, who also wanted to remain anonymous, come to the station and meet with me. He stated he wanted every child in Brookville to have a pumpkin this year. I lost count, but I know it was over 100 pumpkins he brought to the station. It was really, really cool to see the families and the kids with smiles running out in front of our police station, picking out pumpkins.”

“It’s those kinds of things that give you the tight-knit community, because it takes each and every one of us to have a safe community. My department wouldn’t be able to do what they do without help from the members of our community, being eyes and ears for us,” Chief Markle said.

Families receiving the gift envelopes last year “were very thankful,” he said. “I would think this year they will also be extremely thankful, with the times that we are in. There are some families who work 40 hours a week and do everything that they need to do, but once they pay their bills and buy groceries, there is nothing left. Those are the families we want to help.

“This is just one of the nice gestures the people in our community do. There are many, many more, but nobody wants to get any type of recognition. They all want to remain anonymous. It’s just an awesome feeling. I’m sure it warms their heart and makes them feel good also, to put smiles on peoples’ faces,” Chief Markle said.

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