BROOKVILLE — Bloom on Main recently concluded a month long fundraiser for money and donations to go to a local animal shelter.

Owner Jenifer Knapp said the fundraiser was started by the previous owners when the flower shop was called Ferringer’s Flowers. The owners had a love of animals, and would hold the fundraiser every year. She believes it was held for about 15 to 20 years before she took over.

Knapp worked in the shop under Dave and Betsy Ferringer, and when she bought the flower shop from them, she decided it was a tradition she would continue. She has always loved animals and had pets, so it seemed like a good tradition to continue.

“When I bought the place I just continued it because it was such a good thing to do. It helps them; it’s a feel good thing for us,” Knapp said.

She has had dogs and cats her whole life, so the fundraiser was important to her.

She said the fundraiser usually gets about the same amount of monetary donations every year, with some donors being very dedicated to making a donation each year. Food is the most common item that donors bring in, but there is always a variety.

“They like all kinds of stuff, just think about taking care of a pet. They need all that stuff,” Knapp said. “The food is what most people think of.”

This year, the donations will be going to Clarion PAWS.

She said there are a variety of customers and non-customers who donate each year when the fundraiser comes around. Since the fundraiser has been going on for such a long time, some people know the shop as a drop-off location each year for supplies.

Some people will even make random drop-offs throughout the year, Knapp said, and they always make sure the donation makes it to where it needs to go.

“I love pets, and there’s so many out there that need homes and they need fed and taken care of before they find their forever home,” Knapp said.

Some other aspects that the Ferringers started that Knapp has continued is giving a free rose to each person who makes a donation during the month. She also recently got a golden retriever, which she said is one of her favorite breeds, who spends the day in the shop with her.

A golden retriever in the shop is something else that the Ferringers were known for, and Knapp said it just worked out that she decided to get one. Her dog, Layla is a happy face to thank each person for their donation to the animal shelter this year.

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