BROOKVILLE — Brookville Fire Company and Brookville Police Chiefs urged residents not to burn leaves this fall while cleaning up yards, and said that citations can be issued for doing so during the Borough Council meeting last Tuesday.

“We are in leaf season, so the leaf trucks are going around picking up the leaf piles. Please rake them to the edge of your property, not onto the road,” said Dana Rooney, the borough manager.

Burning OrdinancesDuring the Code Enforcement Report given by Police Chief Vince Markle, he told the council there has been a problem with people burning their leaves in town.

“We’re having a little bit of a problem with people trying to burn their leaves and causing problems in town. We just want to make a note of that because we’re going to start issuing citations to people who decide to burn them when we have a service that will pick them up,” Markle said.

He also said residents should be checking the burn ordinances for the borough before starting fires to burn things such as couches and sheds. The Borough Solicitor James Dennison followed this up by saying all the ordinances are online on the borough website.

He said the ordinance tells when people can burn, and what they are allowed to burn. He noted residents are not allowed to burn couches, plastic, painted wood.

“These people are burning all kinds of stuff, and even I’ve gotten calls about burning leaves and choking them out,” Dennison said.

Fire Chief Chris Henry also noted that as of 2017, residents are also only allowed to burn one time a week. Dennison clarified residents can burn paper in a burn barrel once a day for no longer than 30 minutes. Open burning is only allowed once a week, any day.

“Any fire that you have, even if it’s permitted, if it’s blowing over onto the neighbor and causing them a problem, that can cause a violation too, even if it’s otherwise allowed,” Dennison said.

Progress Street Ordinance

Ordinance 1106, the rezoning of the Progress Street property, was addressed again by David Taylor during the meeting. He said the Planning Commission met to discuss this ordinance again with two property owners across the street from the site and Frank Bartley, the Realtor representing the property owner who wishes to rezone the land.

Following more study of the project, the commission met again in October, presenting the plan to rezone the property differently.

“We reached a compromise that I’m delighted to say pleased everybody,” Taylor said.

Rather than rezone from office commercial to medium-density residential, it will be rezoned from office commercial to low-density residential. This would allow small scale houses to be built, rather than large townhouses that medium-density would’ve allowed.

Dennison recommended revising the existing ordinance, and advertising it again.

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