Parking Meter

Parking meters on Main Street are still mechanical, and parts are becoming obsolete.

BROOKVILLE — The Brookville Borough Council is looking into the possibility of upgrading to digital parking meters.

Council member Randy Bartley suggested looking into possible grant money available for replacing the mechanical meters the town currently has.

“We almost have to do that because we can’t get parts anymore. We’re salvaging between the meters,” said Phil Hynes, council president.

Chief Vince Markle said he had done some checking into this matter already, and that it would cost about $100,000 to replace all the meters. He has found a company that has a lot of the parts for the current meters.

“I ordered 10 new lenses to put in the meters just to try it to see if it cleans them up a little bit. We really don’t get many complaints on the meters not working properly. It’s always that they can’t see through that glass, and if these 10 work I think we can get them all for about $500,” Markle said.

Bartley said this seemed like a band-aid to the problem if parts were getting hard to find, but Hynes said $100,000 was a lot of nickels. Borough Manager Dana Schreckengost said it would be interesting to see if the borough gets anything back from the strategic planning grant the borough is currently waiting on.

Hynes said this would likely fall under the Public Works Committee, and that it would be worth being looked into.

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