BROOKVILLE — The Brookville Community Theater recently finished their first fundraiser drive of a major project for the Colombia Theater with their “Raise the Roof” soup sale.

Members of the Brookville Theater have been set up in town square every week during the farmers and artisans market to take pre-orders of soup, which were distributed last Friday.

The group sold to about 65 people, and sold 157 containers of soup during the fundraiser. This is part of a much larger goal, as the group is hoping to raise $75,000 to redo the roof and electric of the Columbia Theater.

“Our goal right now is $75,000 to do all of the roofing, repointing, and electric,” said Zoe Girty, a member of the Theater group. “We’re trying to figure out how to make the money sooner rather than later, because it needs done sooner rather than later.”

Members of the group will be at the farmers market for the next two weeks having a bake sale to continue toward this goal.

The roof is the main concern right now, as the inside of the Theater is suffering from water damage from the old roof. Once the roof is taken care of, the group has plans to update the electric in the building to lower utility costs. Karen Algeier also said the group wants to lower their carbon footprint as much as possible, which will also save them money.

“There’s some damage inside the theater to the walls that needs repaired, so we’re figuring $75,000 is going to get us started,” Dawn Spellman said.

Leaks are being caused by a drainage issue, and there are many layers of patching that’s been done over the years. The group has already gotten bids on the roof, the electric, a new Theater lighting system, and new sound and light boards.

The group is having trouble finding other sources of money for the project as most grant programs are on hold due to the coronavirus. Most grants are held until at least January, but most are tabled until later next year.

“We’re a non-profit, we don’t carry a big balance. We have enough to start our next show, so with not being able to do shows, we’re just trying to keep the bills paid,” Spellman said.

“And get the roof fixed, because we can’t do any shows in there until the roof is fixed,” Girty said.

The group did do their Christmas show last year, but had problems with the electric, even then.

The group has also been in talks with a professional fundraiser on establishing a capital campaign. To stay up to date with the Brookville Community Theater group follow their Facebook page, Brookville PA Community Theater.

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