Blue paint brushes

A photo from Linda Barnes in the Paint the Town Blue Facebook group showing the progress on the paint brush decorations for the parking meters.

BROOKVILLE — The Brookville Borough Council approved decorations and ribbons be placed on parking meters to celebrate the graduating class from Brookville High School.

Paint the Town Blue

The group arranging the Paint the Town Blue events asked council for ribbons to be placed on parking meters like during Relay for Life. The group is also making blue and white paint brushes to be hung as decorations.

Councilwoman Karen Allgeier has access to the empty Means and Lauf building, and said she would allow council members in to add any decorations or Raider memorabilia they have. Allgeier also said she spoke with Ruthanne Barbazzeni, Brookville Area Jr.-Sr. High School principal, who said the date for graduation is June 2 at the Moonlite Drive-in and that the students might want to drive through town afterward.

Rick Baughman Farewell

Council regretfully accepted the resignation of council member Rick Baughman. He is moving to an address outside the borough, making him ineligible to be on council.

“...When I first tried to run for this office, I was asked more than once ‘what’s your agenda?’ and I have no agenda. I’ve lived 44 years in the borough and I was named volunteer of the year under the Walter Dick Award, had a baseball field named after me, and a street named after family,” Baughman said. “The biggest incentive to me ever was when I was refereeing a flag football game and a little boy stopped me and said he was glad I was there. He said ‘at least I know it’s going to be fair.’ Try to be fair, people will notice that.”

Census Update

The council also heard a census update from Allgeier, giving positive numbers for Brookville, but a less than stellar performance for Jefferson County as a whole.

Brookville is divided into two regions for the census, with Interstate 80 acting as the general dividing line. The northern region has a 98.3 percent return rate, and the southern region has a 51.1 percent return rate.

Allgeier said the national average is 56.6 percent return rate, with most of those being internet submissions and phone. She suggested putting something on the water bills to help those who don’t have internet or who pay their own water.

“Anyone with a PO box did not receive a form at all because they did not mail any to any post office boxes,” Allgeier said.

Part of the reason the southern region isn’t seeing as high responses is that 45 percent of the residents are rentals. The census is not seeing much response from the landlords making up much of the housing. Another issue Allgeier mentioned was that the census doesn’t know how many rental units are above the stores in downtown.

“In addition to getting our CDBG back, we have to worry about the county as a whole,” she said. “The county as a whole is in quite dire straights, because the whole Brockway area has got less than a 20 percent return rate.”

The census is planning to send people door to door beginning Aug. 14 if they are allowed. The deadline to fill out a form is Oct. 21.

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