BROOKVILLE — A dog park was proposed at the Brookville Borough Council meeting last Tuesday, August 7. Molly McNutt brought the idea before the council, along with some of the benefits that having a dog park would have for man’s best friend.

She explained that a dog park would offer someplace for off-leash play, which can be helpful for training. It would also create a place for dogs to socialize with each other to guard against aggressive behavior towards other animals.

Council member Randy Bartley was concerned about how to avoid fights between dogs with this park. McNutt responded that a list of rules would be posted, and dog owners would all have to be responsible for their pets, and judge how they would respond to other animals.

The council was open to the idea and agreed to have the property committee look into available land that could be used for such an area.

Renaming Pickering Street Bridge

Council also heard from LuAnn Murray, secretary of the Laurel Board, about two projects for veterans they have been working towards. The first project she brought before the council was naming the Pickering Street bridge after local veteran James Slagle.

James Slagle was a second ranger battalion that stormed the beach of Normandy in the D Day operation. He is more commonly known around Brookville as the “flag man” for his work at getting the flags hung on all the light posts down Main Street. They would like to name this bridge specifically after him because when he was discharged back to Brookville, he and his wife ran the ice cream shop that is now Buff’s.

Murray explained that what they needed from council for the project was a letter of support. A few council members brought into question why the bridge would be named after James Slagle exclusively when there were other veterans in town, and some that were also on the same beach on D Day as him. There was some discussion about the possibility of a different name. In the end council agreed that they were on board with the project, but asked that their discussion on the name be taken into consideration.

Veteran Memorial Banners

The second project was to get memorial banners of soldiers on our light posts here in Brookville. If you have traveled to New Bethlehem or Strattanville, then you have probably seen these banners already.

Murray has been working towards this privately behind the scenes already. She explained that the cost of the banner and the brackets to hang them would fall onto the families of the soldiers. The cost of the banners would be about $125, and Murray would like to go with the package that comes with a second banner so the families could have one at home as well. The banners would be displayed from Memorial Day to Veteran’s Day through town.

It was asked if the banners would interfere with the flags already hanging from the light posts, but Murray assured the council that she had already looked into this and did not think they would have a problem. Both of these projects have the support of the American Legion Post 102 and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 204. A motion was made and carried to support the banner project.

Police chief’s report

During his report to council, Police Chief Vince Markle made sure to bring a specific incident to the council’s attention. The department had brought in a 17-year-old with a concealed firearm that he built himself from information off the Internet.

When asked about the school security guard, Markle told council that they were looking at the position being 40 hours a week, and ready by the start of the new school year.

Thank you to fire department

Several of the council members also took the time to thank the fire department for their fast response time to the fire in one of the historic buildings on Main Street last week in the Jeffersonian Democrat’s building.

Executive meeting

Council finished its meeting by calling an executive session to hire a part-time parking enforcer at $10 an hour. The motion was carried, and someone will be hired for this position.

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