BROOKVILLE — The Jefferson County Commissioners voted to reject the low bid from BCS Construction Inc. for the Jefferson County Bridge number two rehabilitation project.

The apparent low bid was for $230,533 from BCS Construction, Inc. The next low bidder was Horizon Construction Group, Inc. for $242,378.

“We received eight bids for this project ranging from $230,553 to 335,473. The apparent low bid at the time was BCS construction with the bid in the amount of $230,553. According to the engineer’s review of the bid information submitted, and phone conversations with BCS Construction’s president, BCS stated they were unable to meet the technical requirements of the bid documents regarding the type of concrete finishing equipment that was to be used on the project. Therefore it is the engineer’s recommendation that the bid from BCS Construction be rejected and the next lowest bidder be considered,” Bill Setree said.

The project engineer reviewed the bid information, and PennDOT prequalifications. The company president was contacted to ensure they could meet all the contract specifications. Setree said based on this, it is the engineer’s recommendation the bid be awarded to Horizon Construction Group, Inc.

This vote was passed with the commissioners.

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