Pictured from left are Herb Bullers, Jodi Tyler, Kayla Fusco, Jack Matson, and Jeff Pisarcik celebrate that October will be domestic violence awareness month in Jefferson County.

BROOKVILLE — The Jefferson County Commissioners voted to proclaim the month of October an awareness month for several important topics.

The first on the agenda was to proclaim October “Resident’s Rights Month” in Jefferson County. Mindy Sivanizh spoke to the commissioners about the reasons for having this month, and gave statistics about senior citizens in the county.

The theme for the month will be “stand for equality.”

“All residents should be aware of their rights. They may be empowered to live with dignity and self-determination. We wish to honor and celebrate those individuals, to recognize the rich individuality, and reframe their right to vote and participate politically, including the right to say in their care,” Sivanizh said.

Molly McNutt gave some statistics on the residents in Jefferson County specifically, saying there are four skilled nursing facilities with a total of 301 residents, nine personal care homes with 240 residents and four domiciliary care homes with four residents, as well as one adult daycare center in Punxsutawney for residents with intellectual disabilities.

A project they recently completed to help inform residents is a placemat to be used at all mealtimes, on which the residents can read to learn about their rights.

The next proclamation for October was to be “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” in Jefferson County.

Jodi Tyler from Community Actions Crossroads project spoke to the commissioners about this topic. She asked the room to think of someone they might know who was in a domestic violence situation, or to just think of a loved one, to realize the statistics represent more than numbers.

In Jefferson and Clearfield counties there were 1,266 new recipients, 4,125 counseling hours, and 2241 shelter nights.

“Our hope for October is to have more conversations within the community, within each other,” Tyler said.

Crossroads is working with local pizza shops to place flyers on pizza boxes. This was inspired by the story of the woman in a domestic violence situation who called 911 and ordered a pizza to try to get help.

The final vote was to proclaim October “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” in Jefferson County. There was no one at the meeting to address council on the topic, but Jack Matson said he felt it was self-explanatory.

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