Dr. Gurvinder Dhaliwal

Dr. Gurvinder Dhaliwal has moved his practice to the first floor of the new Medical Office Building on the Penn Highlands campus, and will be taking on QCare and other patients in the building.

BROOKVILLE — Dr. Gurvinder Dhaliwal has been a physician in the Penn Highlands network for about a year now, and has moved into the new Medical Office Building with the opening.

Dhaliwal said having to send patients out to see specialists or to get treatment made his job more difficult. Working as a team is harder when the doctors are in different towns, so having a multi-specialty building brings all the doctors to one place.

When he was interviewing with hospitals last year, he said almost every place he went had a multi-specialty building on the hospital campus. When he interviewed at Brookville, he was told the building would be completed in a year if he wanted the job here.

“It’s just becoming a trend. If you’re going to open a big building, might as well put a few different doctors in it,” he said.

Dhaliwal will be taking on several new responsibilities and patients in the new facility. The bulk of new patients will be walk-ins coming for QCare during the open hours. He said the transition into the new building was smooth and minimally disruptive.

“I think we were only closed for one and half days,” he said. “I don’t think the patient flow has disrupted at all.”

Dhaliwal is also seeing pediatric patients in the Medical Office Building, not just adults. He started working with his new patients last August, and is excited for the new experiences the multi-specialty building will bring him.

“Starting from newborn to the geriatrics, and the urgent walk-ins so it’s going to be like a one-stop shop. Trying to do everything. We’re trying to set up the STD panels as well, because they used to do a lot of that in the QCare,” Dhaliwal said.

He said the new facility will attract more medical talent to the area and seeing so many doctors working in one place, and the patients that will come through in a day will attract more doctors in more fields.

The bigger building will attract more patients for the ease of access, and the patients will attract more doctors.

“At the end of the day there is only one mission for all of us, and that’s patient care,” Dhaliwal said.

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