BROOKVILLE — Jefferson County is once again without a Veteran’s Affairs director as Bill Bechtel had to resign for personal reasons.

“Bill Bechtel that was there, just in fairness, there was some personal things that took place that he had to resign, so we are without that officer now, but we are working on it,” Jefferson County Commissioner Herb Bullers said.

The Commissioners were asked during the meeting Tuesday morning if they had made any decision yet as to restaffing the office. Bullers said they were still working on a replacement. They were also asked how they would be making a decision this time around.

“I believe you’ll find that the three commissioners are going to make a decision on that, as the way we’re going to handle it,” Bullers said.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

The commissioners also declared October Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Jefferson County. Brittany Sherry, a domestic violence advocate and counselor, thanked the commissioners for this declaration, and gave some statistics for the county.

In the last year, there have been 324 new adult victims of domestic violence, 92 children victims, and 41 significant others, which are family and friends who have reached out with concern about someone else, according to Sherry. There has been 1,196.42 hours of counseling provided to adults, and 39 and half hours provided to children.

There are shelters located in DuBois and Punxsutawney that have provided 706 shelter nights to adults and 256 to children.

“COVID has impacted us negatively, especially with survivors of domestic violence because they are trapped in a home without any way to contact for help. So, this is just another way we’re trying to let survivors and victims know we are here,” Sherry said.

She thanked the commissioners for this declaration and bringing awareness to this issue.

“Keep in mind all these people and all these stats I have given you have all been hurt or killed by someone who said that they love them. So, it’s really the most disconcerting thing about domestic violence that it’s with somebody that you supposedly loved or they loved” Sherry said.

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