BROOKVILLE — Jamie Lefever, executive director of the Jefferson County Development Council, said the recent agreement with Nine Star Capital LP and the municipal authority is an exciting step for the Jefferson County Business Park project.

According to Lefever, Paula Foradora, the project manager is the one moving everything forward. Her only job is to sign paperwork for the county as it comes through her office.

“Basically what it comes down to, it’s up to her to get things finished. With the county anytime we’ve needed to sign off on something, we’ve been supportive and continue to be supportive,” Lefever said.

She said every small step the project takes is good, because it means progress. Foradora gives her some kind of update monthly on the progress being made, and even the small steps are great to hear.

“We’re excited about it. Anytime you see any kind of progress, even small baby steps. It takes a long time for things to get done, but as long as it hasn’t stalled or stopped, that’s always a good sign,” Lefever said.

Lefever said it would be great to see Phase II completed by the end of the year. She doesn’t know if this is realistic or not, but hopes to see interest in the park soon with this step forward.

“I would like to see something happen by the end of the year. At least finish this phase, and then maybe we can get in a client,” Lefever said. The goal of the county is to be supportive of it, and we certainly are very supportive of it when things come across our desks.”

Phase II is the construction of infrastructure for the park. This will be things like utility access, roads, and sewage lines. The agreement with the Brookville Municipal Authority has given the okay for this phase to move forward.

She said the project will be great when it gets finished, but right now her role is just to make sure all the paperwork gets signed and completed.

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