BROOKVILLE — The Jefferson County Jail Board meeting revealed the continued steps being taken at the jail to return to normal function during the discussion.

During the previous Jail Board meeting, Warden Dustin Myers said he was hoping to be able to lift the yard ban for the inmates soon. Commissioner Herb Bullers asked if this ban had been lifted since then, which Myers reported it had been.

“We’ve opened up our outdoor recreation as long weather permits. The inmates obviously are pretty grateful to get outside and get some fresh air,” Myers said.

He also said many of the programs in the jail are starting back up since being locked down to prevent an outbreak among prisoners.

“A lot of our programs we talked about last time, we have a lot of programs coming back into the jail. They’re starting off relatively slow, but they are coming back,” Myers said.

There were 116 inmates in the jail as of Tuesday’s meeting. Visitation has also been opened back up again with social distancing.

“We’ll get back to normal, it’s just going to take some time,” Myers said.

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