KNOXDALE — The Knoxdale community came together to host an egg hunt that was cancelled due to the coronavirus shutdown during Easter.

The Knoxdale United Methodist Church hosts the egg hunt every year, typically getting a crowd of about 100 children. The crowd this year was significantly smaller, with about 47 children, bringing mostly children who live right in town.

“I think probably some people were hesitant to come still,” said Pastor Joni Williams. “Some of them brought one bucket and then said ‘we need a bag too.’”

The church bought the same amount of eggs as they typically do, leaving plenty to be found by the small group of children who attended. Many filled their baskets quickly, needing a second bag for the eggs still left to be claimed.

“When we have it any other time, we draw kids in from other areas, Tricia Rittenhouse said.

Children sat with piles of eggs and goodies after the egg hunt was finished. A lunch of hotdogs was also served at the pavilion next to the playground.

“Two hundred dozen eggs were scooped up very quickly. 120 hot dogs took a little longer, but in the end they were all gone,” Deb Wolfe said.

Wolfe also said that even though it wasn’t the traditional egg hunt, everyone still had a good time who came.

Even though there was no egg hunt held for Easter, children in Knoxdale and Brookville still had a surprise visit from the Knoxdale Easter Bunny during the shutdown.

An anonymous community member dressed as the Easter Bunny travelled around to houses they knew had children in the Knoxdale and Brookville areas. They left some Easter Eggs in their front lawn for children to find once they left.

This surprise helped keep Easter fun for the children until they could get out to the egg hunt held this weekend.

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