BROOKVILLE — A full-time school police officer at Brookville Area High School was approved Monday night by the Brookville Area School Board. He will be on duty the first day of school, August 28.

The board signed a two-year contract with the Brookville Police Department, with the officer to be on duty 8 hours each school day, at a cost of up to $29,000 for the 10-month school year, based on the police officer’s hourly rate of pay. Officers in the police department will rotate as the school officer.

Board member Rick Ortz said “at some point we need to try to get a second police officer. The time it takes to get to Pinecreek (Elementary) is about 11 minutes. I’m adamant. I’m glad we’re getting one officer, but I really think we need to figure out how to get two.”

The board approved $45,000 in this year’s budget for security purposes. Principals Ruthanne Barbazzeni and Jessica Lindsay have also written grants, which could provide additional money if the school receives them.

Barbezzeni said the grant she applied for is a two-year Safe Schools competitive grant. “The grant allows for up to $40,000,” she said. “In the grant I requested one full-time officer and also another officer to be able to move from this building to Northside and Pinecreek, giving us at least three hours a day to get us started.”

Lindsay said the Title IV grant she wrote is a federal grant “that is pretty much guaranteed. Our school district was allotted” about $28,000. “It just has to go through the comptroller’s office and we will have that money. Title IV is a yearly grant, depending upon federal legislation,” she said.

Superintendent Robin Fillman said the district still has a memorandum of understanding with the police department, which will continue to provide a police presence in the elementary schools. “Chief Markle has assured us that because he has a police officer at the high school, he will have a police officer visit all of our elementary schools on a daily basis,” she said.

There will continue to be a police presence at athletic events during the school year.

The school board also approved several other personnel matters:

  • Resignations were accepted from Julie Thorton, library aide, and Brandi Landgren, aide. Both asked to be added to the substitute list for support personnel.
  • The board accepted the resignation of high school physical education teacher Seth Carlson. Hired to fill the vacancy was Daniel Clark, who will start at Bachelor’s Step 1, $40,702.
  • Also hired were Terri Evans, Title I aide, at a rate of $11.25/hour; Danielle Troutman, child specific aide, $11/hour; and Michelle Molnar, food service worker, $10.25/hour.
  • Added to the list of day-to-day substitutes were Mattison Thornton of Clarion, high school English teacher; Kylee Turek of Brookville, support personnel; Cheyenne Hazlett of Rimersburg, elementary special ed; and Danielle Wimer of Brookville, instructional technology specialist.
  • Kathleen Wolfe was transferred to fill the custodial vacancy created by the resignation of John Kessler, with a $1 per hour pay increase.
  • Supplemental contracts were approved for the secondary class advisors: Class of 2019, Erin McCronich and Michele Gotwald; Class of 2020, Morgan Easterbrook; Class of 2021, Joyce Reitz and Andilynne Kalkbrenner; Class of 2022, Gina London and Shannon Wenger; Class of 2023, Cody Wells and Olivia McGarvey; and Class of 2024, Ben Pete.
  • Supplemental contracts were also approved for club advisors: History Club, Cody Wells; Drama Club, Andilynne Kalkbrenner; National Honor Society, James Overly and Andrea Taylor; Spanish Club, Erin McCronich; Archery Club, Eric Sweitzer; German Club, Eric Sweitzer; Math Club, Shannon Wenger; FBLA, Kelly Burford; Art Club, Steve Jaworski; Bible Club, Aaron Kalkbrenner; Med Club, Marie Fescemyer; PULSE Club, Kris Johnson; The Beam, Kim Hubler; Yearbook, Kim Hubler; Student Council, Shannon Wenger; and Renaissance STARS, James Overly.

The Brookville Area School Board will meet in regular session at 7 p.m. Monday, August 20, in the LGI room at Hickory Grove Elementary School.

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