BROOKVILLE — An overview of the Brookville School District’s comprehensive plan, which was begun in 2015, was shared with the school board Monday night by Superintendent Robin Fillman.

“When I came into the district as superintendent it was a very difficult time for us in public education,” she said. “The state had decided that year to change all the standards to PA Core standards. That was changing how we taught students, how we assessed students and how students were tested.”

To meet that challenge, “we put a heavy emphasis on our strategic plan in curriculum, re-written from kindergarten to twelfth grade,” she said.

The four goals of the comprehensive plan were to develop a coherent curriculum across grade and subject areas, to establish a district system to ensure consistent implementation of standards for all students, to establish a district system to ensure high quality curricular assets aligned with state standards, being fully accessible to teachers and students; and to establish a district system ensuring professional development.

Along with writing new curriculum, “we provided time for teachers, making sure we are engaging our students. We no longer want to be the teachers just giving knowledge, but we want the kids to do the thinking.”

Fillman used several graphs to show the improvement in test scores for Brookville students. “We are increasing every year,” she said. On the PSSA proficiency tests, “the state and school districts have kind of leveled off in 2016 and 2017, but we continue to soar,” she said.

On the PSSA tests, Brookville is now ranked fourth among the 17 districts in the IU-6. “When we came into this we were in the lower middle. That is something we are all proud of.”

She also used bar graphs to show the steady trend of improvement on ELA (English Language Arts) and math scores during the three-year testing period. A bar graph charting improvement on the fourth-grade science PSSA showed “unusual progress. I am really very fortunate to be working in a district that you see this consistent progress,” she said.

The report also includes data on classroom size, costs per student and SAT scores. On the SAT scores, Fillman said, “we performed quite well compared to our peers.

“Teachers have spent an enormous amount of professional development time, basically starting from scratch. Does our hard work pay off?” Fillman asked. “We have come a long way. This would have never happened without the fine guidance of our administrative team and most importantly the willingness of the teachers to learn and change. We are very proud of them.”

The comprehensive report will be made available on the Brookville Area High School website for parents to review.

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