BROOKVILLE — Jefferson County Treasurer James “Moon” VanSteenberg attended the Jefferson County Commissioners meeting Tuesday morning to remind areas hunters of the Aug. 3 mailing deadline for the first round “unsold/bonus” doe license applications. He noted that his office will start processing the applications on Monday, Aug. 6.

“2F and 2A are basically sold out right now, so those are not options so it’s basically 2D or 2E. There are a few of the 2D map permits for this area on zone 3466. They’re down to around 150 permits from the 2,200 that were out there,” he said.

There are plenty of licenses left for 2D and 2E, he noted, adding that he expects 2D to go into second round unsold this year “because there were the 5,000 extra D map permits in our area and 2D was up 8,000 on their allocations.”

The second round of unsold applications should be mailed on Friday, Aug. 17, for processing on Monday, Aug. 20.

For hunters wanting the Jefferson County Treasurer’s office to process their doe license applications, mail them to: James “Moon” VanSteenberg, Jefferson County Treasurer, 155 Main St., Rm. 212, Brookville PA 15825.

CDBG money

The county has received two applications for Community Development Block Grant money so far, according to Bill Setree, director of Community Development. They have come from the boroughs of Corsica and Sykesville. They are seeking CDBG funding for the following projects.

  • Borough of Corsica
  • p Street improvement project along Norton Way.

    p Storm Water Improvement Project along Water Street.

  • Borough of Sykesville
  • Replace water line in West Main Street area from the intersection with London Street going south to the end of system and along Paradise Road.

    The county Department of Development will conduct income surveys for each of these projects, Setree noted, to see if they are eligible to receive funding.

    CDBG applications need to be into the county by tomorrow (Friday). Once income surveys are completed and public hearings on the projects are conducted, they are submitted to the state Department of Community and Economic Development by first of November. Setree said CDBG funding usually arrives in the March-April timeframe.

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