BROOKVILLE — Jefferson County voters also went to the polls to elect local leaders.

In the Brookville Borough, councilman Ken King filed for both a two year seat and a four year seat. Tuesday night he won both of those seats. He will choose which one he wants to accept. The vacant seat will be filled by an appointment of the council.

In the race for Brookville Borough Tax Collector, Republican Sally Allgeier defeated Democrat Scott Huffman. She will replace Vickie Storey who is retiring at the end of this term.

Following is a break down of the voting.


Borough Council

4 year term

The top four are elected.

Karen Allgeier (R) 450

Richard Baughman

(R) 503

Scott Huffman (D) 215

Kenneth S. King (R) 486

Bill Kutz (4) 513

2 years

Ken King (R) 558

Brookville Borough

Tax Collector

4 year term

Sally A. Allgeier (R) 526

Scott Huffman (D) 171

Brookville Mayor

4 year term

Richard D, Beck 656

Following is the result of council races in the county.

Big Run

Borough Council

4 year term

George R. Bedell (D) 53

Timothy J. Boal (R) 46

Jon P. MacAulay (R) 53

Marlin Rearick (D) 71

Big Run Borough Mayor

4 year term

Joseph Butterbaugh

(R) 106


Borough Council

4 year term

Armando Fortunato

III (R) 202

G.Edward Horner (R) 217

Flloyd E. Work (D) 96

Rick Renwick (R) 197

Tax Collector

4 year term

Donna Galluzzi (D) 289

Brockway Mayor

4 year term

William D. Hrinya

(D) 225

Corsica Borough


4 year term

Kenneth R. Anthony

(D) 0

Falls Creek

Borough Council

4 year term

Samuel D. Bailey (D) 100

Craig R. Himes (D) 78

Darrell A. Kirsch (D) 127

Leonard J. Larkin

(R) 102

Anthony Marchioni


Mar k Miller (R) 105

Wesley J. Mooney (R) 94

Falls Creek Mayor

4 year term

Mark Bowley (R) 89

Karen L. Forsythe (D)114

Falls Creek Tax Collector

4 year term

LuAnn Houston 184


Punxsutawney Council

4 year term

Justin Cameron (R) 661

Bill Carey (D) 403

Larry Chenoga (R) 579

Jeanne Porada (R) 662

Cynthia Rebuck (R) 511

Punxsutawney Council

2 year term

Bill Carey (D) 275

Jeanne Porada (R) 542

Punxsutawney Mayor

4 year term

Richard Alexander

(R) 788

Punxsutawney Borough

Tax Collector

4 year term

Susan L. Mitchell (R) 827



James M. Strouse (R) 69

Sykesville Council

2 year term

Denise M. Strouse (R)78

Sykesville Mayor

Gail Cunningham 107

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