BROOKVILLe – Everybody’s birthday is an important day, especially when you are a kid, but for a little boy named Alex Shrock his 13th birthday became one he will likely never forget.

Alex is autistic and gets bullied a lot at school or when he tries to join any sports teams. His mom, Amanda Brosius, really wanted to make his 13th birthday special for him so she sent out a bunch of invitations for a party, asking to have an RSVP three weeks ahead of time.

When that time came around she had only gotten one response. She didn’t let this stop her though, she wanted to make sure her son knew that there were people in the community that cared and supported him.

Brosius knows that it is Alex’s dream to go to the army when he is older. She also knows that this dream might not come true because he is going blind in his left eye. To help try and make this dream come true for his birthday, Brosius reached out to the local police department. Brosius specifically talked to Brookville PD’s Andrew Turnbull while he was off duty one day. She asked if he could get some of the police to come to Alex’s birthday party. Turnbull went above and beyond this mother’s request for the party.

Along with the Brookville police, Turnbull also contacted the Brookville Volunteer Fire Department, Pinecreek Volunteer Fire Department and their search dog unit, the local Army, State Police, and EMS. Within half an hour everyone had gotten back to him saying that they would come. When the big day came around the birthday party took place at the dam. The different departments all met at the police station and came as a collective group to the party. They came into the parking lot with all the bells and whistles going on all of their vehicles.

Each group came and enjoyed the party with the family and got to know Alex Schrock a little better. He even went around his party shaking hands and thanking everyone for coming to his party. Each department brought along a present for Alex. Pinecreek VFD even gave him an honorary membership into their department.

He got to play with some of the cute canines in the Pinecreek search and rescue unit also. After all the festivities were coming to an end everyone got together for a group picture around all the emergency vehicles to make sure the day will never be forgotten.

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