Alium Spiritum in Brookville

Alium Spiritum, a chamber vocal ensemble of primarily four voices, which is comprised of Kim Leeds (messo soprano), Sean Taylor (bass), Diane Walters (soprano), and Michael Jones (tenor), has performed at Brookville’s historic Marlin Opera House for the past two years. The group was scheduled to perform again during the Laurel Festival this year but with the canceling of that annual festival, it will instead offer a free concert online on June 14.

BROOKVILE — Alium Spiritum, a classical vocal ensemble that for the past two years has performed at Brookville’s historic Marlin Opera House, was to give a live concert during the 2020 Laurel Festival. Since this year’s Laurel Festival has been canceled, the ensemble will instead offer a free concert available online through its website on Sunday, June 14, at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. EST.

Alium Spiritum, Latin for “different breath,” is devoted to making music relatable to its audience and community through purposeful, intimate concerts. Alium Spiritum was founded by Brookville native Sean Taylor and his wife, Diane Walters, both of whom will perform. These two singers and other colleagues will collaborate with music teachers from Brookville and the surrounding area in an online workshop for teachers and students, including a performance collaboration that will be part of their online concert.

This innovative event is sponsored by Historic Brookville, Inc and was originally planned for the Brookville Presbyterian Church. It is supported by Miller Fabrications Solutions and by an anonymous benefactor.

The concert is free to watch via To receive a link and reminders about how and when to log in, please email

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