REYNOLDSVILLE — Jefferson County art club students took their paint brushes to Main Street windows in Reynoldsville last week, putting some holiday cheer on display.

Jeff Tech (Jefferson County-DuBois Area Vocational Technical School) Art Club students braved the cold and snowy weather to paint penguins, snowflakes, snowmen and more on the windows of businesses, said art and mathematics instructor Angela Dragich.

Despite the shivering, students responded that they were having a good time, as they lined the windows of the laundromat on Wednesday.

The effort was organized through the Reynoldsville Community Association (RCA), which provided painting supplies for students, Dragich said. The windows were festive and cheerful just in time for the Reynoldsville holiday parade on Saturday.

Each business volunteered to participate, and some chose a specific theme for their window paintings, Dragich said, such as Santa or a nativity scene.

Students painted the outside windows, and some inside, of Fox’s Pizza Den, the Food Pantry, The Sub Hub and the empty building beside it, the Law Office of J.D. Ryan, S&T Bank, the laundromat, magistrate office and Reynoldsville Hardware.

Last year was the first time her art club students had participated, Dragich said, and she hopes to do it every year. It’s a great way for students to display their art work, while also bringing Christmas cheer to drivers and visitors passing by.

Students from all grades and shops, including auto mechanics, welding and others participated in the painting, Dragich says.

Some businesses were also kind enough to donate pizza for the students, Dragich said.

She and the students will return to clean the paintings off the windows the first week of January.

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