BROOKVILLE — Adult fans will be paying a little more to watch the Raider sports teams playing in the stadium this year.

Monday night the board voted to increase ticket prices for adults from $3 to $5, while at the same time eliminating the $1 ticket price for students. A portion of the fee, $2, will be applied to the athletic fund, which is used to purchase non-budgeted items, such as a score board or, recently, a new pole vault pit. The other $3 will go to the district.

The new ticket prices will be charged at the football games, as well as soccer games played in the stadium and track meets.

The changes were made following discussion last week about ways of increasing revenue in the district. Board member Steve Neil voted against all three proposals, with members Don Gill and Kerith Strano Taylor also voting not to sell tickets for the track meets.

A fourth proposal, to charge students who drive to school a $50 annual parking fee, was defeated.

At the beginning of the meeting Bethany Wilson, a concerned parent, addressed the board, saying, “I’m asking for some insight, some clarification on the grave situation of losing professional staff and teachers in the district. I feel like we are losing strong teachers, tenured teachers, rooted teachers to our neighbors.” She said her work as a trainer takes her to many school districts and she wanted to know “if we have conducted exit interviews to find out why these professionals are leaving?”

School board president Frank Bartley said that “we have to be very careful with personnel issues. Whether they are incoming or outgoing, they are private. There is a concern for everyone that this has occurred. We don’t know why exactly; we have some ideas, but we are not at liberty to discuss the details.”

Superintendent Robin Fillman added that “I can assure you that exit meetings have been conducted and we are seeing strands of similarities. It is being brought to the board’s attention. We are having conversation about that and we are as concerned as you are about the teachers leaving our strong district. We are very proud of the teachers in Brookville and sad that they are leaving.”

The board accepted with regret the resignation of math teacher Meaghan Volek, who has been employed by the district for three years.

She has chosen to accept employment elsewhere. Her resignation was accepted contingent on the administration being able to fill the vacancy within 60 days.

In other action:

— board member Kerith Strano Taylor reminded everyone that the board is looking into the possibility of reinstating the occupational assessment tax.

“We have been talking a lot about ways to increase revenue and what we can do. We want to let the public know that we are exploring those options and see what our solicitor tells us.”

— the board accepted two donations. In memory of Walter E. “Gene” Gilstrap, $7,500 has been donated to provide three scholarships for excellence in the fields of mathematics, science and art/music. Each scholarship will be $2,500.

The Brookville Area Raider Scholastic Foundation is donating funds for: Advanced Placement (AP) testing for high school students, $3,974; artist in residence program for a veterans mural project, $3,500; and musical instruments and repair of musical instruments for the elementary schools, $1,482.90.

— the board approved agreements with Pyramid Healthcare, Inc. for educational services at Soaring Heights School –Autism and New Vista Learning Center for students with special needs.

— the board voted to extend its fuel contract with Lockard Company at current terms of $.08 per gallon above their cost of gasoline and $.085 per gallon above their cost of diesel fuel. The contract is for the current year only.

— the board approved an agreement with the American Red Cross, to permit the use of district facilities as evacuation shelters during times of emergency.

— the board approved a contract with Jefferson-Clarion Head Start Inc. to provide school-time meals for the Head Start students. The total estimated cost is $42,543

— the board discussed and approved routine reports and recommendations.

The next meeting of the School Board will be at 7 p.m. September 12 in the LGI room at Hickory Grove.

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